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  • A white-tailed deer in the snow.

    Feeding deer in winter: You're doing more harm than good


    Think you're doing the deer a favor by feeding them in winter? You're actually doing them much more harm than good.

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  • A snowy owl in a snowy landscape.

    Keep your fingers crossed for snowy owl sightings this winter


    Snowy owls are at the top of many birders' bucket lists, and spotting one can be a real treat.

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  • An American mink alert in a grassy field.

    Five fast facts about secretive American minks


    That furry, brown critter scurrying along the shoreline might just be an American mink, one of our lesser known semiaquatic mammals. 

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  • A hairless Sphinx cat standing on a rock.

    Nature curiosity: Do other mammals go bald like humans?


    Plenty of humans go bald, but do other animals lose their hair as they age?

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  • Horseshoe crabs on the shore.

    You may bleed red, but not all animals do


    Red blood certainly isn't unique in the animal kingdom, but it's far from universal.

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  • A trio of whooping cranes flying over a wetland.

    Why are whooping cranes still so rare?


    The story of the whooping crane is a troubled one that nearly ended with these majestic birds' extinction. And while small populations of these cranes still do exist today, they haven't experienced the conservation successes that we've seen with other birds, like bald eagles and great egrets. 

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  • A side-by-side comparison of a house mouse and a Norway rat.

    What's the difference?: Mouse vs. rat


    If you see a rodent scurrying across your floor, you may not care if it is a mouse or a rat, but there are several key differences between them. And while some mice and rats are non-native nuisances, native species of both also live in Illinois.

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  • A red fox.

    Five fast facts about resourceful red foxes


    The red fox is the only fox that lives in northern Illinois, and they have earned their reputation for being clever and cunning.

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  • A red-bellied woodpecker on a tree branch.

    Looking to get into birding? Your local forest preserves are calling


    Birds aren't exactly a rarity in our world, populating just about every type of habitat worldwide in good numbers. But if you want to see a variety of birds or brush up on your local birding knowledge, the Will County forest preserves are a good place to start. 

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  • A squirrel with a funny expression

    If your Christmas lights get cut, you probably can blame these troublemakers


    Almost nothing kills the holiday spirit quite like looking out your window to find that the Christmas lights you spent hours hanging outside are no longer lighting up the winter night.

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Current Headlines

Nature Foundation's native plant sale series kicks off April 1


The first of five native plant sales hosted by The Nature Foundation of Will County begins at 9 a.m. April 1. Plant orders can be taken online through April 30, and plant pickup days are scheduled for May 20 and 21. 

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‘Buzz’ nature show tackles nature myths and critter camouflage


Tune in to the March episode of “The Buzz” to learn about wildlife myths and the colors of nature. The show debuts at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 29, on Facebook and YouTube. 

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