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  • A bison grazing in grass.

    What's the difference?: Bison vs. buffalo


    Buffalo and bison are not synonyms, although the term buffalo has been in widespread use in reference to bison for centuries.

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  • Keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles preparing for nesting season


    We're still a few months away from mating and nesting season for Will County's resident bald eagles, but we're already seeing signs that preparations are underway.

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  • A bat hanging from a tree.

    Five need-to-know facts about bats


    Think you know bats? There's probably plenty you don't know about these unique mammals. 

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  • A deer hiding in tall prairie grasses.

    What's the difference: Prairie vs. savanna


    When does a grassland become a prairie or a savanna? It has a lot to do with the trees, or lack thereof.

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  • A white-tailed deer in a field.

    Annual reminder: Watch for deer on roadways as mating season begins


    During mating season, deer tend to move about more freely, causing an uptick in collisions with vehicles.

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  • A white-breasted nuthatch eating seed from a bird feeder.

    Love feeding the birds? Keep them healthy with regular feeder cleanings


    Keeping your bird feeders full is only half the equation when it comes to keeping the birds happy and healthy. In addition to keeping the food coming, you need to clean your feeders regularly too. 

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  • Fallen brown and yellow leaves on the ground.

    Looking to cross something off your to-do list? You can skip raking the leaves


    Put down the rake. You can feel good about leaving your leaves wherever they fall. Letting them be is actually better for the environment and for your yard.

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  • A black-and-white warbler on a tree trunk.

    Want to know if birds are on the move? Check the weather forecast


    Birds make the same migratory journeys year after year, but weather can play a big role on how many birds are traveling at any given time.

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  • Ants moving from leaf to leaf.

    Five fast facts about hard-working ants


    Ants are powerhouses in the animal kingdom, always busy and able to carry many times their body weight. There's plenty about them that makes them interesting.

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  • Red milkweed beetle on common milkweed.

    Now is the time to sow native seeds for spectacular spring sprouts


    It's not too early to start thinking about next year's flower gardens. In fact, if you're thinking about adding more native plants to your landscape, now is the time to sow the seeds so they germinate come spring.

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Current Headlines

Adopt-a-Preserve: 'cleaning up and giving back to the planet'


IKEA Joliet is the latest company to join the Forest Preserve District's Adopt-a-Preserve program. IKEA employees clean up a stretch of the Wauponsee Glacial Trail from Laraway Road north to Interstate 80.

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Stunning eagle shot signals 'V' for victory in photo contest


Naperville resident Bertrand Leclercq snared a victory in November's portion of the Preserve the Moment Photo Contest with a picture of an eagle with wings outstretched taking off in flight. 

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