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  • A Canada goose standing on one leg in shallow water.

    Nature curiosity: Why do birds stand on one leg?


    Birds stand on one leg for one simple reason: to help them stay warm.

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  • A cellar spider in its web.

    March 14 is Save a Spider Day, so be a savior instead of a squisher


    For Save a Spider Day, here are five reasons you should appreciate these creatures instead of despising them or, even worse, squishing them.

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  • A peregrine falcon diving in flight.

    What you need to know about our fierce, high-flying falcons


    If you think about large, imposing birds that we see soaring above or perched on high while scanning for a meal, raptors like hawks and eagles probably come to mind. Maybe even owls. But there's another kind of raptor we see that can be just as imposing — falcons, three species of which can be seen in Illinois.

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  • A side-by-side comparison of a turkey vulture and black vulture

    What's the difference?: turkey vulture vs. black vulture


    We usually only have one vulture species in town, but in places where their ranges overlap, turkey vultures and black vultures can be difficult to distinguish from one another.

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  • Three sandhill cranes flying against a backdrop of clouds and blue sky.

    Migration watch: Sandhill cranes are heading north, so keep your eyes and ears peeled


    It's peak migration season for sandhill cranes, so don't be surprised if you hear their loud, bugling call overhead.

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  • Geese fly in a V formation in front of a colorful sunset.

    Spring is creeping in, and with it later sunsets


    We will be gaining more than two hours of daylight in March, and we have both the sun and daylight saving time to thank.

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  • A plastic coffee cup with a straw sitting on the ground.

    The last straw: As plastic waste piles up, eschewing straws gains traction


    The next time you order a drink from a restaurant, think twice before you unwrap the straw. Americans use millions of straws a day, and many of them end up as litter, eventually making their way into ours lakes and rivers. National Skip the Straw Day, held every February, aims to change that. 

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  • A ruby-throated hummingbird perched on a railing.

    Migration watch: Hummingbirds have landed in the U.S., and you can chart their progress


    For those of you eagerly anticipating the arrival of ruby-throated hummingbirds, you can start your countdown until they arrive in your neck of the woods because these tiny birds are on the move and have landed in the U.S.

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  • A skunk standing on two legs in the grass.

    Love is in the air? It's just skunk mating season


    It's skunk mating season, and as male skunks are out and about searching for mates, we may have more close encounters with these animals, resulting in that telltale smell in the air. 

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  • A robin standing in grass.

    Five fast facts about our most familiar bird, the American robin


    Robins are among our most common and familiar birds, known to almost all even at a young age. But there's more to them than meets the eye.

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Nature Foundation's native plant sale series kicks off April 1


The first of five native plant sales hosted by The Nature Foundation of Will County begins at 9 a.m. April 1. Plant orders can be taken online through April 30, and plant pickup days are scheduled for May 20 and 21. 

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‘Buzz’ nature show tackles nature myths and critter camouflage


Tune in to the March episode of “The Buzz” to learn about wildlife myths and the colors of nature. The show debuts at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 29, on Facebook and YouTube. 

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