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  • A bat hanging from a tree.

    Five need-to-know facts about bats


    Think you know bats? There's probably plenty you don't know about these unique mammals. 

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  • A person standing on a metal bridge with trees in the background.

    Preserves We Love: Hickory Creek, for becoming immersed in nature


    Program coordinator Suzy Lyttle tells us why she loves Hickory Creek Preserve.

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  • A Halloween pennant dragonfly perched atop vegetation.

    Five things about those water-loving dragonflies


    Spend any time near the water in summer and you're almost guaranteed to see a dragonfly. Take some time to learn more about these fast-flying insects.

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  • It's lightning bug season, so be on the lookout for these incredible creatures


    Catching lightning bugs is a summer rite of passage. But do you know how these bugs light up? Or why?

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  • Birds splashing in the water in a birdbath.

    How to take care of a birdbath to keep birds visiting all year


    Once you decide to add a birdbath to your yard, you need to commit to maintaining it to make it safe and healthy for visiting birds.

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  • A man stands with a camera with a lake in the background.

    Preserves We Love: Lake Renwick, because it always delivers


    Digital communications manager Chad Merda tells us why he loves spending time at Lake Renwick Preserve.

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  • A differential grasshopper. (Photo by Anthony Schalk)

    What's the difference?: grasshopper vs. katydid vs. cricket


    Can you tell a cricket from a grasshopper? How about a grasshopper from a katydid? Learn what separates these related insects that are noted both for their jumping ability and the sounds they make.

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  • The bubbles from a spittlebug on a plant stem along a trail.

    That's not spit: Spittlebug nymphs make their homes in frothy bubbles


    Those globs of spit you see on plants aren't spit at all. They are the safe and comfortable homes of spittlebug nymphs.

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  • A woman standing on a path in a forest.

    Preserves We Love: Goodenow Grove, a hidden gem


    Facility office manager Marissa Jones tells us why she loves spending time at Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve.

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  • Phragmites stand tall along a trail, with blue sky in the background.

    More than meets the eye: Phragmites a threat to wetland habitats


    The tall grasses that surround many of our wetland areas may seem like a pretty addition to the scenery, but in reality they are destroying these vital habitats.

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Current Headlines

Two new bicycle repair stations installed along Forest Preserve trails


Need a wrench or an air pump while biking? No problem. The Forest Preserve District now has six bicycle repair stations along its trails thanks to funding by The Nature Foundation of Will County and the Joliet Bicycle Club.

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Mellow yellow 'Golden Opportunity' art exhibition opens Oct. 15 at Four Rivers


The 'Golden Opportunity' exhibition from the Denver Botanic Garden will be on display from Oct. 15 through Dec. 30 at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center in Channahon. The art exhibition caps off a year of related programming that examines color in nature.

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