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  • A Native American longhouse and a wooden canoe.

    Love local history? Make sure to check out these preserves


    You may think of the preserves as places to connect with nature, but some preserves are also great locations to learn about our local history.

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  • Goldenrod and ragweed side by side.

    What's got you sneezing? Blame ragweed, not goldenrod


    Sneezing a lot lately? Blame ragweed, not goldenrod. 

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  • A jellyfish in the water.

    Jellyfish in Illinois? You better believe it


    Jellyfish in Illinois? They do exist, although they're so small you might never notice them.

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  • A ruby-throated hummingbird at a feeder.

    Bees and wasps buzzing your hummingbird feeders? You're not alone


    If you've been seeing more bees than hummingbirds visiting your hummingbird feeders, you're not alone. Learn why we see them more at this time of year and some tips for keeping them away.

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  • A mourning dove perched on a ledge.

    Celebrate Urban Birds project aims to introduce birding to underserved populations


    We're never too far away from birds, and that's why Celebrate Urban Birds project aims to use some of our most common birds to introduce traditionally underserved communities to birds and birding.

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  • A stony ground contain fossilized remains of an animal.

    Fossils are a link to the past, but how do they form?


    Fossils provide us with a link to the past. Without them, we might not know that dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers ever roamed the Earth. But how do they form?

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  • A barred owl sleeping on a tree branch.

    Nature curiosity: How do birds sleep?


    Birds aren't exactly deep sleepers, but they do manage to get some shut eye every night.

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  • A colorful sunset.

    What's the difference?: Lake vs. pond


    What makes a lake a lake? Or how about a pond a pond. Technically speaking, nothing.

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  • A garter snake coming out of the crack between sidewalk squares.

    Five things about our most recognizable snake, the garter snake


    Get to know a little about our most recognizable snake, the common garter snake.

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  • A ruby-throated hummingbird on a tree branch.

    Nature curiosity: When do hummingbirds migrate?


    Hummingbirds are here in Will County for a good portion of the year, but knowing when they migrate can help determine when to have hummingbird feeders out. 

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Current Headlines

Nature Foundation kicks off year-end fundraiser with Giving Tuesday


The Nature Foundation of Will County is a nonprofit agency that supports many Forest Preserve District initiatives and will continue to do so in the years to come. To help with this mission, the Foundation is encouraging donations as part of the annual Giving Tuesday movement on Nov. 29.

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Section of Old Plank Road Trail closed for bridge replacement project


The Old Plank Road Trail segment from Spencer Road to Schoolhouse Road is closed so the Jackson Branch bridge can be replaced. 

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