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  • golden eagle on the left and bald eagle on the right

    What's the difference?: Bald eagle vs. golden eagle


    In their adult plumage, golden eagles and bald eagles are easy to distinguish from one another. As juveniles, however, they look much more similar.

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  • A pair of sandhill cranes in shallow water.

    Five fast facts about loud but lovely sandhill cranes


    Sandhill cranes are the supermodels of the bird world, tall, elegant and eye-catching with their gray plumage and crimson eye patches. 

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  • A man and woman walking across a trail bridge.

    Need a good reason to take a hike? Here are four


    Looking for a reason to it the trails and stretch your legs on a hike? Here are four.

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  • Monee Reservoir at sunrise.

    Nature curiosity: Why do lakes turn over each spring and fall?


    Each spring and fall, our lakes undergo a quiet but essential change that keeps them healthy for aquatic species.

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  • A male and female ring-necked pheasant in grass.

    Ring-necked pheasants not native to U.S. but have thrived as a game bird


    Ring-necked pheasants aren't native to Illinois or even the United States, but these birds have been common since the 1800s after being introduced as a game bird.

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  • A bison grazing in grass.

    What's the difference?: Bison vs. buffalo


    Buffalo and bison are not synonyms, although the term buffalo has been in widespread use in reference to bison for centuries.

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  • A deer hiding in tall prairie grasses.

    What's the difference: Prairie vs. savanna


    When does a grassland become a prairie or a savanna? It has a lot to do with the trees, or lack thereof.

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  • A white-breasted nuthatch eating seed from a bird feeder.

    Love feeding the birds? Keep them healthy with regular feeder cleanings


    Keeping your bird feeders full is only half the equation when it comes to keeping the birds happy and healthy. In addition to keeping the food coming, you need to clean your feeders regularly too. 

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  • A black-and-white warbler on a tree trunk.

    Want to know if birds are on the move? Check the weather forecast


    Birds make the same migratory journeys year after year, but weather can play a big role on how many birds are traveling at any given time.

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  • Ants moving from leaf to leaf.

    Five fast facts about hard-working ants


    Ants are powerhouses in the animal kingdom, always busy and able to carry many times their body weight. There's plenty about them that makes them interesting.

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Nature Foundation's native plant sale series kicks off April 1


The first of five native plant sales hosted by The Nature Foundation of Will County begins at 9 a.m. April 1. Plant orders can be taken online through April 30, and plant pickup days are scheduled for May 20 and 21. 

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‘Buzz’ nature show tackles nature myths and critter camouflage


Tune in to the March episode of “The Buzz” to learn about wildlife myths and the colors of nature. The show debuts at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 29, on Facebook and YouTube. 

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