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  • A block calendar showing the date changing to Feb. 29

    Why do we have leap days? Get ready for a math lesson — and a history lesson


    It's a leap year, and here's your chance to learn why we add an extra day every four years and why that day is on Feb. 29.

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  • A vole on the ground surrounded by dried and green grasses.

    Five fast facts about little-known voles


    Among rodents, mice, rats, squirrels and chipmunks are all well known. Voles, however, often fly under the radar, either because they aren't known or because they are confused with another species.

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  • A skunk walking in the grass.

    Love is in the air? It's just skunk mating season


    It's skunk mating season, and as male skunks are out and about searching for mates, we may have more close encounters with these animals, resulting in that telltale smell in the air. 

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  • Contrails criss-crossing the sky with thin, scattered clouds above them.

    Nature curiosity: What are contrails and how do they form?


    Those long, thin clouds trailing behind airplanes are called contrails, and here's a look at the science behind them.

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  • A male common goldeneye swimming in the water.

    Watch out for goldeneyes on local lakes throughout winter


    Common goldeneyes arrive in northern Illinois each winter. Look for them strutting their stuff on our local lakes.

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  • A turtle with a muddy shell sitting on a log in the water.

    Nature curiosity: Why and how do turtles breathe with their butts?


    How do turtles breathe while they are underwater all winter? Through their butts, so to speak.

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  • A groundhog in the grass.

    Five things to know about groundhogs, an animal for all seasons


    Groundhogs get a lot of attention on Feb. 2, but there's a lot more to these critters than the silly notion that they can predict when winter will end. 

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  • The setting sun can be seen through the bare trees in a forest.

    It's leap year, so you get an extra day to savor this month


    February may be our shortest month, but we will have 1,440 more minutes (or 86,400 more seconds) to savor this year because it's a leap year.

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  • Two birds eating from a bird feeder.

    How to keep the birds visiting your yard all winter long


    The days have become noticeably colder and shorter, and food supplies have become more scarce for many birds. But you can keep birds visiting your yard all year long by providing the right foods.

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  • A person standing in front of a map display in a museum.

    Meet a Naturalist: Amy McNeil, a lifelong history buff


    Meet Amy McNeil, a program coordinator at Isle a la Cache Museum.

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Current Headlines

'Raising Riverview' exhibit opens March 1, explores Will County's farm roots


A new exhibit opening March 1 at Isle a la Cache Museum highlights Will County's agricultural past and the Clow family that settled in Wheatland Township on land that is now part of Riverview Farmstead Preserve. The 'Raising Riverview' exhibit runs through May 31. 

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Bald eagle update: We have four active nests and one mated pair sitting on eggs


The bald eagle population has been booming in Will County in recent years and, if things go as planned, we'll have some new arrivals coming in March.

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