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  • A red fox.

    Five fast facts about resourceful red foxes


    The red fox is the only fox that lives in northern Illinois, and they have earned their reputation for being clever and cunning.

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  • Two young girls picking a Christmas tree.

    We don't mean to alarm you, but your Christmas tree could have 25,000 bugs on it


    If you don't take precautions, your Christmas tree could be the gift that keeps on giving.

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  • A red-headed woodpecker on a tree trunk.

    Count on: Christmas Bird Count is on for the 123rd year, and you can help


    Birders are invited to join the local counting circle in the National Audubon Society's 123rd annual Christmas Bird Count.

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  • A red-bellied woodpecker on a tree branch.

    Looking to get into birding? Your local forest preserves are calling


    Birds aren't exactly a rarity in our world, populating just about every type of habitat worldwide in good numbers. But if you want to see a variety of birds or brush up on your local birding knowledge, the Will County forest preserves are a good place to start. 

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  • A wrapped present under a tree.

    Five ways to make the holidays more eco-friendly


    The holidays are a festive time, a season to eat, drink and be merry. But all that merriment can create a lot of excess waste. 

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  • A squirrel with a funny expression

    If your Christmas lights get cut, you probably can blame these troublemakers


    Almost nothing kills the holiday spirit quite like looking out your window to find that the Christmas lights you spent hours hanging outside are no longer lighting up the winter night.

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  • A shooting star in the night sky.

    Forget holiday wishes; wish upon a shooting star instead this December


    Can't count on your holiday wishes coming true? Wish upon a shooting star instead.

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  • golden eagle on the left and bald eagle on the right

    What's the difference?: Bald eagle vs. golden eagle


    In their adult plumage, golden eagles and bald eagles are easy to distinguish from one another. As juveniles, however, they look much more similar.

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  • People walking on the trail on a warm winter day

    Skip the stores and #OptOutside for Black Friday instead


    Looking for a new post-Thanksgiving tradition other than hitting the local stores for some frenzied holiday shopping? Consider joining the #OptOutside movement.

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  • Christmas trees for sale at a Christmas tree lot.

    Real or fake Christmas tree: Which one is better for the environment?


    Think you’re doing the Earth a favor by buying an artificial Christmas tree rather than a real one? Not so fast with that rationalization.

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Most visitor centers closed Dec. 16 for District-wide meeting


Three Forest Preserve District visitor centers will be closed Friday, Dec. 16, and the Sugar Creek Administration Center will be closed for a portion of the day so employees can attend the District's annual meeting.

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Adopt-a-Preserve: 'cleaning up and giving back to the planet'


IKEA Joliet is the latest company to join the Forest Preserve District's Adopt-a-Preserve program. IKEA employees clean up a stretch of the Wauponsee Glacial Trail from Laraway Road north to Interstate 80.

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