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  • A close up view of a stink bug.

    Step carefully: Cooler weather sends stink bugs indoors


    With summerlike temperatures on the way out, it's the time of year when stink bugs start making their way into our homes. Resist the urge to stomp on or squish them or you'll quickly learn how these insects got their name.

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  • A closeup of a wolf spider.

    Not guilty: Stop blaming wolf spiders for invading your home


    Wolf spiders tend to get a bad rap in autumn for invading your house as the weather cools, but they are mostly being falsely accused. 

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  • An adult and two kids looking up at the sky while wearing eclipse viewing glasses.

    Ring of fire: Will County will experience partial effects of annular solar eclipse on Oct. 14


    You don't have to wait until dark to catch the biggest sky event in October because the month's biggest event will be in the middle of the day, when the annular solar eclipse occurs on Oct. 14.

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  • Goldenrod solider beetles mating on goldenrod.

    How to help pollinating insects well into fall


    Fall is a trying time for pollinating insects. They're still in need of food and water even as their regular sources begin to fade away and autumn fully sets in. You can help by planting late-blooming native plants and providing for their needs.

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  • A person standing on a wooden bridge over water.

    Meet a Naturalist: Jenna Krukowski, always curious about the past


    Meet Jenna Krukowski, an interpretive naturalist at Isle a la Cache Museum.

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  • A fake spider in fake spiderwebs on a metal fence.

    Those fake spiderwebs are a real fright for wildlife


    Fake spiderwebs are a popular Halloween decoration, but they can be a death trap for wildlife.

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  • A green praying mantis on a sidewalk.

    Five fast facts about easy-to-miss praying mantises


    Praying mantises are among the largest insects we see, but that doesn't mean they are easy to find. Learn more about these insects that stand out at blending in.

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  • A pink common milkweed bloom.

    When a weed is something more: Milkweed vital for many species


    Have you heard the buzz about monarchs and milkweed? Monarchs are far from the only animals that rely on milkweed.

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  • A woman sits on a log in the woods.

    Preserves We Love: O'Hara Woods, for delivering nature's gifts


    Interpretive naturalist Sara Russell tells us why she loves O'Hara Woods Preserve.

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  • A fall landscape with trees full of yellow and orange leaves.

    Want to be dazzled by fall color? Fingers crossed for sunny days and cool nights


    If you love fall color, hope the coming weeks bring us warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights.

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Two new bicycle repair stations installed along Forest Preserve trails


Need a wrench or an air pump while biking? No problem. The Forest Preserve District now has six bicycle repair stations along its trails thanks to funding by The Nature Foundation of Will County and the Joliet Bicycle Club.

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Mellow yellow 'Golden Opportunity' art exhibition opens Oct. 15 at Four Rivers


The 'Golden Opportunity' exhibition from the Denver Botanic Garden will be on display from Oct. 15 through Dec. 30 at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center in Channahon. The art exhibition caps off a year of related programming that examines color in nature.

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