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  • A chorus frog with its throat outstretched.

    Happening now: Chorus frogs are loudly seeking mates


    If you venture out into the preserves these days, there's a good chance you'll hear chorus frogs making a racket as they call out looking for a mate.

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  • A bobcat standing in short grass.

    Five facts about stealthy, solitary bobcats


    Of the 40 wildcat species in the world, just the bobcat lives in Illinois, and even its existence here is a surprise to many people.

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  • A young squirrel sleeping in a tree cavity.

    Check your trees for nests before trimming or pruning


    The trees may still be dormant at this time of year, but they could still be full of life. If you're planning to trim or prune your trees, make sure to give them a good once over to check for active squirrel and bird nests. 

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  • A hand drips water onto a plant.

    Five ways to conserve water around your home


    Water isn't an unlimited resource. As water scarcity increasingly becomes a problem across the globe, efforts to conserve it become more crucial.

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  • An American woodcock walking across a path.

    Happening now: Male woodcocks performing their elaborate courtship ritual


    Now is the time to see woodcocks out in the preserves, and there's a lot to love about these birds — from the males' elaborate courtship ritual to their cute nicknames.

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  • A closeup of bluebell blossoms.

    Five things you might not know about spring


    When it comes to spring, there's so much to love. But there's also probably a lot you don't know about our most-anticipated season.

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  • A pelican in flight against the backdrop of an all-blue sky.

    Happening now: Pelicans have returned to Will County


    One of the most anticipated events among birders each spring and fall is the arrival of the American white pelicans, and now is the time you'll once again start seeing these birds along the waterways in the area.

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  • Common snowdrops peeking up from the ground.

    Protect the overwintering insects by resisting urge to start your garden cleanup now


    Step away from the rake; it's too early to start your spring yard cleanup.

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  • A monarch butterfly at rest on a yellow wildflower.

    Migration watch: Monarchs are winging their way toward us


    We're charting migrations this season, announcing when a variety of species hit major milestones on their travels north.

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  • A common loon on a lake.

    Happening now: Common loons are passing through, so keep your eye on local waterways


    Have you spotted a common loon in a local waterway? Their time here will be brief.

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Current Headlines

Nature Foundation's native plant sale series kicks off April 1


The first of five native plant sales hosted by The Nature Foundation of Will County begins at 9 a.m. April 1. Plant orders can be taken online through April 30, and plant pickup days are scheduled for May 20 and 21. 

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‘Buzz’ nature show tackles nature myths and critter camouflage


Tune in to the March episode of “The Buzz” to learn about wildlife myths and the colors of nature. The show debuts at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 29, on Facebook and YouTube. 

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