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  • A fox snake on the ground.

    Fall is a great time for snake spotting in the preserves


    If you like limbless reptiles, you're going to love the next few weeks, when they'll be a common sight on sunny days.

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  • Ants moving from leaf to leaf.

    Five fast facts about hard-working ants


    Ants are powerhouses in the animal kingdom, always busy and able to carry many times their body weight. There's plenty about them that makes them interesting.

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  • Red milkweed beetle on common milkweed.

    Now is the time to sow native seeds for spectacular spring sprouts


    It's not too early to start thinking about next year's flower gardens. In fact, if you're thinking about adding more native plants to your landscape, now is the time to sow the seeds so they germinate come spring.

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  • The fall color display at Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve

    Five fun facts about the season's much-anticipated color show


    Taking in the fall foliage has become such a thing that it's even generated its own term. Here's your chance to learn more about the dazzling display.

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  • The sun setting behind a tree.

    Love a good sunset? Visit these preserves to soak up the setting sun


    Love a good sunset? We have plenty of preserves that really shine when the sun starts to set.

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  • A stand of trees with the sun peeking through the trunks.

    Trees and climate change: Even small actions can make a difference


    Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a harmful greenhouse gas, and release oxygen into the atmosphere, which can help limit the effects of climate change. 

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  • A fake spider in fake spiderwebs on a metal fence.

    Fake spiderwebs are a real fright for wildlife


    Fake spiderwebs are a popular Halloween decoration, but they can be a death trap for wildlife.

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  • A stink bug on a window ledge.

    Step carefully: Cooler weather sends stink bugs indoors


    With summerlike temperatures on the way out, it's the time of year when stink bugs start making their way into our homes. Resist the urge to stomp on or squish them or you'll quickly learn how these insects got their name.

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  • A field with dozens of sandhill cranes.

    Fall bird migration: Here's what's on the move locally


    Migratory birds are heading south, and here's when we can expect to see some of our favorites. 

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  • A stink bug on a leaf.

    What's the difference: Bug vs. insect


    It turns out bugs and insects actually exactly one and the same, but we'll look the other way if you use the words interchangeably.

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Current Headlines

Nature Foundation kicks off year-end fundraiser with Giving Tuesday


The Nature Foundation of Will County is a nonprofit agency that supports many Forest Preserve District initiatives and will continue to do so in the years to come. To help with this mission, the Foundation is encouraging donations as part of the annual Giving Tuesday movement on Nov. 29.

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Section of Old Plank Road Trail closed for bridge replacement project


The Old Plank Road Trail segment from Spencer Road to Schoolhouse Road is closed so the Jackson Branch bridge can be replaced. 

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