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  • A groundhog coming out of a burrow in the snow-filled ground.

    Five things to know about groundhogs, an animal for all seasons


    Groundhogs get a lot of attention on Feb. 2, but there's a lot more to these critters than the silly notion that they can predict when winter will end. 

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  • A red fox standing on a large rock in the dark.

    Nature curiosity: Why are some animals nocturnal?


    Why do some animals prowl around under the cover of darkness? Because it helps them survive and thrive. 

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  • An adult and child riding their bikes on a snowy trail surrounded by snow-covered trees.

    Don't put your bike away for winter; hit the trails instead


    You don't have to let your bike gather dust in the garage until warmer weather returns. With a little planning and preparation, winter rides can become part of your routine.

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  • A snow-covered trail and trees.

    Five freezing facts about snow to tide you over this winter


    Love it or hate it, snow is as essential as rain. Learn to appreciate it with these five fun facts.

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  • A snowy owl with wings outstretched on the snowy ground.

    Five fast facts about stunning snowy owls


    Have you ever been lucky enough to spot a snowy owl? Learn what makes these owls such a prized find.

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  • An eastern cottontail rabbit sitting in the grass.

    Hop to it: 2023 is the year of the rabbit


    The Lunar New Year begins Jan. 22, so get ready to celebrate the year of the rabbit. 

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  • A woman walking on a snow-covered trail.

    Beat cabin fever with a winter walk at these all-seasons preserves


    Trying to beat the winter blues? Check out these preserves for a hike that will help you embrace the season.

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  • A side-by-side comparison of a gray squirrel and a fox squirrel.

    What's the difference: Eastern fox squirrel vs. eastern gray squirrel


    The sight of a squirrel zipping up, down and all around our trees and forests is a familiar one to most people, but the zany antics of these critters can be the work of one of two species: fox squirrels or gray squirrels. Learn the difference between them.

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  • A white-tailed deer in the snow.

    Feeding deer in winter: You're doing more harm than good


    Think you're doing the deer a favor by feeding them in winter? You're actually doing them much more harm than good.

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  • A snowy owl in a snowy landscape.

    Keep your fingers crossed for snowy owl sightings this winter


    Snowy owls are at the top of many birders' bucket lists, and spotting one can be a real treat.

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Fishing line recycling program protects wildlife from injuries and death


Fishing line collected in the Forest Preserve's monofilament recycling program in 2022 is on its way to a recycling company to be turned into new products. Removing the line from nature protects wildlife from being harmed or killed after becoming entangled. 

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Celebrate Earth Day with the Forest Preserve District


Celebrate Earth Day all month long in April with activities designed to give Mother Nature a helping hand. Attend an Earth Day festival, volunteer to clean up a shoreline or go on an Earth Day safari. 

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