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  • A differential grasshopper on a leaf.

    Hop to it with these five grasshopper facts


    Grasshoppers are one of our more familiar insects, and this is your chance to learn all about them.

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  • A ruby-throated hummingbird at a feeder.

    Hummingbirds are already migrating, but don't pack away your feeders just yet


    Ruby-throated hummingbirds migrate in waves, and some have already departed for their wintering grounds. But we'll continue to see the birds in Will County for weeks, so keep filling your feeders.

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  • A reddish-pink water lily in bloom, next to a whitish-yellow American lotus in bloom.

    What's the difference?: Water lily vs. American lotus


    Not all those big green leaves growing on the water's surface are lily pads. American lotus can also be found in Illinois waterways. Learn to tell the difference between these two plants.

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  • A person standing next to a bridge on a trail.

    Preserves We Love: McKinley Woods, because there's something for everyone


    Guest services associate Kylee Beckwith tells us why she loves McKinley Woods — Frederick's Grove.

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  • A monarch on a common milkweed bloom.

    The monarchs you are seeing at this time of year are special, and here are five reasons why


    The monarchs you see at this time of the year are truly special, part of a 'super generation' that's different than the previous three generations.

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  • An American coot standing on a log over the water.

    Odd duck out: Coots share space with ducks, but aren't closely related


    Is that a funny-looking duck or a chicken you saw by the water? It might be neither. American coots are a common sight by our waterways during breeding season, but they might have you doing a double take.

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  • A skunk standing up on its back legs while in the grass.

    What's that smell? In late summer, the scent of skunk is in the air


    You can thank the neighborhood skunk, along with the time of year, for that unmistakable stench.

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  • A person standing along a dirt trail in a forest.

    Preserves We Love: Raccoon Grove, for its fairy-tale feel


    Interpretive naturalist Heather Van Zyl tells us why she loves Raccoon Grove Nature Preserve.

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  • A woman standing on a roof deck overlooking a forest.

    Meet a Naturalist: Suzy Lyttle, a childhood dream fulfilled


    Meet Suzy Lyttle, the program coordinator at Hidden Oaks Nature Center.

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  • A person standing on a bridge over a creek in the woods.

    Preserves We Love: Messenger Woods, for making history


    Real estate record specialist Megan Raimbault tells us why she loves Messenger Woods Nature Preserve.

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Current Headlines

Two new bicycle repair stations installed along Forest Preserve trails


Need a wrench or an air pump while biking? No problem. The Forest Preserve District now has six bicycle repair stations along its trails thanks to funding by The Nature Foundation of Will County and the Joliet Bicycle Club.

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Mellow yellow 'Golden Opportunity' art exhibition opens Oct. 15 at Four Rivers


The 'Golden Opportunity' exhibition from the Denver Botanic Garden will be on display from Oct. 15 through Dec. 30 at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center in Channahon. The art exhibition caps off a year of related programming that examines color in nature.

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