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Creature Feature: The Often-Misidentified 13-Lined Ground Squirrel

That chipmunk you see may be a 13-lined ground squirrel. Learn how to tell them apart and everything you need to know about these ground squirrels. 


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Breeding Like Rabbits? What Does That Mean Anyway?

Rabbits are well-known for their ability to reproduce, but what makes them more prolific than other animals?

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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge On Green Herons

Test your knowledge on this 10-question quiz.

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Eyes To The Skies For Mercury's Elongation East of the Sun

The evening of June 4 provides an opportunity to view Mercury just after the sun sets.

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Skip The Sunbathing This Summer And Give Forest Bathing A Try Instead

Instead of sunbathing this summer, give forest bathing a try. All you need is a little free time and access to a forested or tree-covered spot. 

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Myth Buster: Snakes Are Not Slimy

Another myth busted: Snakes are not slimy at all. 

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Nature Curiosity: Why Do Worms Come To The Surface When It Rains?

If you've ever taken a walk outside after it rains, you know that worms tend to congregate above ground after wet weather. The reason why is a mystery, although scientists have a few theories.

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Hey Folks, Nature Is Not A Petting Zoo. Leave The Animals Alone

The wildlife you see in the preserves and elsewhere is just that — wild. The preserves aren't petting zoos, and people should not touch or otherwise handle animals they encounter.

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Things We Love: Those Precious Possums

Opossums deserve our love and respect because they provide many benefits, and they're pretty cute too. 

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Hey Anglers, Don't Dump Your Unused Bait. It Can Ruin Our Waterways

Dumping unused bait in the water seems like an innocent way to end a fishing trip, but it is detrimental to the health of our waterways.

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Creature Feature: The Clever Green Heron

The green heron isn't as well known or as frequently seen as the great blue heron, but these birds are interesting in their own right.

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Amazing Find: Extremely Rare Glass Lizard Caught On Camera In Will County

Every now and then, you can get very lucky when out in the preserves and spot something truly amazing. 

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Things We Love: Those Teeny, Tiny Microarthropods

Tiny but mighty microarthropods are tiny bugs that do a lot of good despite their small size. 

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What's The Difference?: Ducks vs. Geese

Most people can identify a mallard duck and a Canada goose, but do you know the difference between ducks and geese?

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Clever Or Cruel? Brown-Headed Cowbirds Make Other Birds Do All The Work Of Raising Their Young

Brown-headed cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds' nests, outsourcing incubation and newborn care entirely to other birds. This may not win them any mother-of-the-year awards, but it is the only way they know.

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Current Headlines

From Sap to Syrup: 'Maple Syrup Magic' Program Highlights Unique Product


Get a taste of the work and science behind maple syrup making during the 'Maple Syrup Magic' program set for March 6 at Plum Creek Nature Center. Participants will learn all about the history of this unique product and how to make it as they watch the process and taste the end result.

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Lake Renwick Heron Rookery Closes March 1 for Nesting Season


The site will be closed to general access from March 1-August 15 to protect nesting birds. Visitors will be allowed only during bird-watching programs. The other two access areas for the preserve – Turtle Lake and Copley Nature Park – remain open from 8 a.m.-sunset year-round.

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