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  • Monarch population plummeting, and a known parasite may be killing millions a year, study finds


    Monarch populations have plummeted by more than 80% over the past two decades, and a known pathogenic parasite may be contributing to the devastating decline more than previously thought.

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  • What's the difference?: Male vs. female pileated woodpecker


    Male and female pileated woodpeckers look similar, but they are not identical. If you look closely at the coloring on their heads and faces, you can tell the difference. 

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  • Using rat poison to control rodent infestations can have devastating effects on other wildlife


    Everything in nature is connected, so when you use rodenticides to control rodent infestations in and around your home the effects may be more far reaching than you intended.

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  • Protect the overwintering insects by resisting urge to start your garden cleanup now


    Step away from the rake; it's too early to start your spring yard cleanup.

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  • Five feisty facts about Canada geese


    Get the lowdown on Canada geese, one of our most common and widespread birds.

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  • Nature curiosity: Why and how do turtles breathe with their butts?


    How do turtles breathe while they are underwater all winter? By breathing through their butts, so to speak.

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  • Myth buster: No two snowflakes are alike? Very likely, but it's hard to prove


    Every snowflake is unique, or at least as best as we can figure out. It's probably true that no two snowflakes are alike, but the sheer number of snowflakes makes it virtually impossible to determine with certainty.

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  • Cedar waxwings are eye-catching birds that you won't confuse with anything else


    Cedar waxwings are unique in appearance and are also different from most birds in that they can exist on fruit alone for months at a time.

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  • Five things about those shy and inquisitive white-tailed deer


    Here are five fun facts about our curious white-tailed deer.

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  • What's the difference?: How to identify some of our most common sparrows


    Illinois is home to many sparrow species, and telling one from another is no easy task. Learn some of the key ID features among our most common sparrows.

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Foundation's summer benefit concert brings jazz and funk to Whalon Lake


The band Big Lagniappe will perform funk and jazz, and food truck fare will be available for purchase at The Nature Foundation of Will County's summer benefit concert on Aug. 20 at Whalon Lake in Naperville. Proceeds benefit the Forest Preserve District. 

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Kankakee Sands features 'spectacular' blooms after years of restoration


From hairy puccoon in the spring to rattlesnake master in the summer, Kankakee Sands Preserve is in full bloom thanks to a multiyear restoration effort that is converting the rare ecosystem back to what the land was generations ago. 

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