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Creature Feature: The More Vulnerable Spiny Softshell Turtle

Softshell turtles are a little different than most turtles. Learn what sets them apart and how they compensate.

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Quiz: Are You A Monarch Master?

Test you knowledge about monarchs with this 10-question quiz.

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What's The Difference: Frog Vs. Toad

Frogs and toads are both amphibians, and the differences between them can be confusing and subtle.

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Five Fascinating Facts About Pelicans

The American white pelicans are back, but there's probably a lot you don't know about these big birds. Dive in to learn more about one of the more beloved animals seen in Will County.

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Creature Feature: The Treasured Monarch

The monarch is the most recognizable butterfly in the United States, but these winged creatures aren't as common as they used to be. 

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Bees And Wasps Buzzing Your Hummingbird Feeders? You're Not Alone

If you've been seeing bees visiting your hummingbird feeders more than the hummingbirds, you're not alone. Learn why we see them more at this time of year and some tips for keeping them away.

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Birds Sunbathe Just Like Humans, But Not Always For The Same Reasons

Birds bask in the sun just like us. Sometimes they are just trying to warm up or dry off, but sunbathing also helps birds stay healthy and more attractive to potential mates.

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Myth Buster: There's No Such Thing As Heat Lightning

Heat lightning is just a myth. What we think of as heat lightning is really just lightning from a thunderstorm that is too far away to experience its other effects.

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Plogging Is One Fitness Trend We Hope Sticks Around For Good

Plogging is jogging while picking up trash you find along the way, and we hope it's a fitness fad that doesn't fade away.

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Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Cottontail Rabbits?

Text your knowledge on this 10-question quiz.

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Five Fascinating Facts About the Monarch Super Generation

The monarchs you see at this time of the year are truly special, part of a 'super generation' that's different than the previous three generations.

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Nature Curiosity: Why Do Snakes Shed Their Skin?

Snakes are unique in that they shed their skin whole, a process called ecdysis. But why do they do this differently than other animals?

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Creature Feature: The Prolific Eastern Cottontail Rabbit

You've probably seen a cottontail rabbit, but how much do you know about these common creatures?

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What's The Difference?: Bee vs. Hornet vs. Wasp

Bee, wasp or hornet? Learn the differences among these stinging insects.

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First Murder Hornets, Now Zombie Cicadas. Luckily, Their Names Make Them Sound Worse Than They Are

Zombie cicadas are the latest scary-sounding insect to roam the world, but much like the murder hornets before them they sound scarier than they actually are.

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Current Headlines

Rain Causes One Closure and a Caution for Anglers


Heavy rainfall on Sunday and Monday led to one trail section closure on the Hickory Creek Bikeway near LaPorte Road Access and a caution for anglers at Monee Reservoir due to the high water level at the lake. All sections of Hickory Creek Bikeway are now open, but the back island at Monee Reservoir remains closed.

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Lockport Man Completes Mega 'Harvest Hustle' Quest: 11 Virtual 5K Races in 11 Days


Richard Fague ran 5Ks on all 11 trails designated for the virtual  'Harvest Hustle' program, even though participants are required to run only one 5K to finish the program.

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