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  • Quiz: Are you a pro when it comes to pileated woodpeckers?


    Take this 10-question quiz to find out.

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  • What's the difference?: Red-bellied woodpecker vs. red-headed woodpecker


    Red-headed and red-bellied woodpeckers are often confused with one another, but not because they look alike. Instead, it's because the name red-headed woodpecker is fitting for both birds.

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  • A mild winter means no break from ticks


    The arrival of winter isn't a guarantee that ticks don't pose a threat to you or your pets. If the temperature is above freezing and the ground isn't frozen, some ticks are still active, which means they can still spread tick-borne illnesses.

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  • Five fun facts about wonderfully weird northern short-tailed shrews


    You may have seen a short-tailed shrew and mistaken it for a mouse, but these animals are entirely different. And the shrews are about as weird as it gets.

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  • Creature feature: The raucous pileated woodpecker


    The pileated woodpecker is one of our most striking forest dwellers, and you can learn more about them in this creature feature.

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  • Five fast facts about bison, our national mammal


    What you don’t know about these scraggly bearded giants might actually surprise you.

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  • Quiz: What's your skunk IQ?


    Find out by answering these 10 questions.

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  • These birds aren't just for Thanksgiving: Five facts about wild turkeys


    It's time to talk turkey, but not just the birds that grace our holiday tables. Take some time to learn about the wild turkeys that inhabit our woodlands.

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  • How you can help endangered species


    Saving endangered and threatened species from extinction is a complicated task and requires action at every level. Here's a look at the steps you can take to help.

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  • Check out these apps to enhance your outdoor adventures


    Let technology enhance your outdoor adventures with these apps recommended by Forest Preserve District interpretive naturalists.

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Current Headlines

Foundation's summer benefit concert brings jazz and funk to Whalon Lake


The band Big Lagniappe will perform funk and jazz, and food truck fare will be available for purchase at The Nature Foundation of Will County's summer benefit concert on Aug. 20 at Whalon Lake in Naperville. Proceeds benefit the Forest Preserve District. 

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Kankakee Sands features 'spectacular' blooms after years of restoration


From hairy puccoon in the spring to rattlesnake master in the summer, Kankakee Sands Preserve is in full bloom thanks to a multiyear restoration effort that is converting the rare ecosystem back to what the land was generations ago. 

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