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  • You're probably using too much salt to deice your driveway


    Winter's wacky weather keeps us on our toes, but before you stock up on salt to keep your driveway and sidewalks clear, make sure you know how much you really need to use.

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  • Nature curiosity: Where do robins go in the winter?


    Where do robins go in winter? Some go nowhere at all, but you still may not see them very often.

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  • What's the difference?: Crow vs. raven


    Crow or raven? In Illinois, all bets are on crow, but there are some clues to help you know for sure.

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  • Nature curiosity: Why does some snow sparkle?


    Have you ever noticed that some snow is particularly sparkly or glittery? Scientists call it "snow sparkle," an effect caused by sunlight reflecting off ice crystals in the snow.

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  • How to keep the birds visiting your yard all winter long


    The days have become noticeably colder and shorter, and food supplies have become more scarce for many birds. But you can keep birds visiting your yard all year long by providing the right foods.

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  • What's the better view: Fall or winter at Goodenow Grove?


    We have to admit that they're both pretty amazing. But if you had to choose, which one would it be?

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  • Nature curiosity: Where do insects go in winter?


    Where did all the insects go for winter? It depends on the species.

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  • Survival stories: How animals endure winter's worst weather


    Even so, when given the choice, most of us choose to spend most of our time indoors. Animals, though, don't exactly have a choice. 

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  • See a ring around the sun or moon? It's a 22-degree halo


    Rings of light that can sometimes be seen around the sun or moon are called halos, and we see them because of light refracting off of ice crystals high up in the clouds.

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  • Five fascinating facts about bedeviling blue jays


    Blue jays are one of our most recognizable birds, and they are plenty interesting too. 

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Foundation's summer benefit concert brings jazz and funk to Whalon Lake


The band Big Lagniappe will perform funk and jazz, and food truck fare will be available for purchase at The Nature Foundation of Will County's summer benefit concert on Aug. 20 at Whalon Lake in Naperville. Proceeds benefit the Forest Preserve District. 

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Kankakee Sands features 'spectacular' blooms after years of restoration


From hairy puccoon in the spring to rattlesnake master in the summer, Kankakee Sands Preserve is in full bloom thanks to a multiyear restoration effort that is converting the rare ecosystem back to what the land was generations ago. 

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