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  • Nature curiosity: Why do we have seasons?


    No matter what your favorite season is, you have the sun to thank for it.

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  • What's the difference: Biodegradable vs. compostable


    Think biodegradable and compostable products are best? Make sure you do your homework.

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  • Creature feature: The foul-smelling striped skunk


    You know a skunk when you see one, but there's probably a lot you don't know about these animals.

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  • Five fascinating facts about spiders


    The world is home to 50,000 kinds of spiders, and they live just about everywhere.

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  • Follow these tips to winterize your yard for wildlife


    Want to see wildlife in your yard all winter long? The key is to make it a welcoming place for them to visit. 

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  • Quiz: What's your Blanding's turtle IQ?


    Take this 10-question quiz to find out.

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  • The world is aglow: Light pollution alters our view and our health


    Light pollution affects our health and the health of the wildlife all around us, and it's getting worse.

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  • Name that squirrel: Red squirrels pop up in a few Will County preserves


    You probably know about gray squirrels and fox squirrels, but they aren't the only tree squirrels scurrying around Will County. The red squirrel is their less-common cousin, and it's found in a few Will County preserves.

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  • Creature feature: The endangered Blanding's turtle


    The state-endangered Blanding's turtle lives in northern Illinois, and the Forest Preserve District of Will County is a partner in a program to help grow the species' population.

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  • Not guilty: Stop blaming wolf spiders for invading your home


    Wolf spiders tend to get a bad rap in autumn for invading your house as the weather cools, but they are mostly being falsely accused. 

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Foundation's summer benefit concert brings jazz and funk to Whalon Lake


The band Big Lagniappe will perform funk and jazz, and food truck fare will be available for purchase at The Nature Foundation of Will County's summer benefit concert on Aug. 20 at Whalon Lake in Naperville. Proceeds benefit the Forest Preserve District. 

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Kankakee Sands features 'spectacular' blooms after years of restoration


From hairy puccoon in the spring to rattlesnake master in the summer, Kankakee Sands Preserve is in full bloom thanks to a multiyear restoration effort that is converting the rare ecosystem back to what the land was generations ago. 

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