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What's the Difference?: Reptile vs. Amphibian

Is a snake a reptile or an amphibian? How about a frog? These two classes of animals have some similarities, but some key characteristics also set them apart. 

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Rare White Opossum Spotted in Wilmington

With scores of wildlife to be spotted around Will County, you never quite know what you'll spot in the great outdoors. 

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Pesticides Causing Brain Damage in Baby Bumblebees, Study Shows

Climate change and habitat loss aren't the only factors affecting the bee population. A new study shows the use of pesticides called neonicotinoids can cause permanent brain damage in baby bumblebees. 

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Nature Curiosity: Why Is Ice So Slippery?

Icy is slippery; it's one of those things people just know to be true, like water being wet. But the science behind this fact has only recently become well understood. 

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Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Venus In March's Night Sky

March includes the much-heralded start of spring, along with a supermoon and a great opportunity to see Venus in the night sky.

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Myth Buster: Moss Doesn't Only Grow On The North Side of Trees

If you rely on the myth that moss only grows on the north side of trees to guide you through a forest, you're likely to get lost. 

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Think Twice Before Your Next Sip and Skip the Straw Instead

The next time you order a drink from a restaurant, think twice before you unwrap the straw. Americans use millions of straws a day, and many of them end up as litter, eventually making their way into ours lakes and rivers. National Skip the Straw Day, held every February, aims to change that. 

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Creature Feature: American Badgers Are Digging Machines

The American badger isn't as well-known as many of the other mammals that call Will County home, but these fascinating creatures are exceptional diggers that are known to work alongside coyotes to hunt. 

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Quiz: Are You A Downy Woodpecker Whiz?

Can you ace this 10-question quiz?

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Don't Feed The Wildlife? What About The Birds?

Don't feed the animals. We hear it all the time. Yet many of us make a habit of feeding wild birds. Why are birds any different than other wildlife?

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Nature Curiosity: Why Do Marsupials Have Pouches?

For marsupials, only adult females have pouches, and they serve an important role in the reproductive process. 

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What's The Difference?: Woods vs. Forest

A walk in the woods or a walk in the forest? Is there even a difference?

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Creature Feature: The Diminutive Downy Woodpecker

Downy woodpeckers are the smallest woodpecker in North America. Learn more about these birds in this creature feature.

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Friends, Not Enemies: Coyote and Badger Work Together on the Hunt

This is easily the cutest thing you'll see today: A playful coyote waiting for its badger buddy before continuing on its way through a wildlife crossing under a highway in California.

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Myth Buster: Frogs and Toads Don't Cause Warts

Toads and frogs can give you warts? Think again. Warts are caused by a human virus, and you won't get them from handling an animal. 

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Current Headlines

Summer Paddling Program Launches with New Format


Paddling program participants will be required to bring their own boats, personal flotation devices and paddles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Coming Up On Facebook Live: Become a Time Traveler with Riverview Tour


The Facebook Live program will feature the history of the Clow family that settled Wheatland Township in the 1800s as well as an in-depth look at the site's barn and homes. 

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