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'Extremely Obese' Owl Rescued After Being Too Fat to Fly

The little owl in England had become anything but little after gorging itself on mice and voles in a field.

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Forget The Groundhog, Just Watch For These Signs For A Weather Prediction

Groundhogs get a lot of credit as weather prognosticators at this time of year, but there's no science to back up their predictions. If you really want to know what the weather holds, look for these clues from the natural world.

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Survival Stories: How Animals Endure Winter's Worst Weather

Even so, when given the choice, most of us choose to spend most of our time indoors. Animals, though, don't exactly have a choice. 

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Quiz: What's Your Gray Squirrel IQ?

Find out by answering these 10 questions.

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Nature Curiosity: Why Don't Woolly Bear Caterpillars Freeze to Death?

Woolly bear caterpillars can't predict how bad winter will be, but they do have a pretty cool way to survive even the coldest of temperatures.

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Has Your Bird Feeder Become a Squirrel Feeder? Here Are Some Ideas to Keep Those Rascals Away

Are your attempts at feeding the birds inadvertently keeping the neighborhood squirrels well fed? We're here to help.

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Creature Feature: The Agile Gray Squirrel

Do you know what kind of squirrel is taking up residence in your yard? Learn more about eastern gray squirrels and how to differentiate them from other squirrels that live in Illinois.

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What's the Difference: Lichens vs. Mosses

Can you tell the difference between a lichen and a moss? They often look very similar, but there are a few key differences. 

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How To Stay Safe And Avoid Unnecessary Coyote Encounters

Seeing coyotes in your neighborhood most is not cause for alarm because these animals are common throughout all of Illinois. You can keep yourself and your pets safe from them by following some simple, common-sense precautions.

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A Mild Winter Means No Break From Ticks

Winter weather isn't a guarantee that ticks don't pose a threat to you or your pets. If the temperature is above freezing and the ground isn't frozen, some ticks are still active, which means they can still spread tick-borne illnesses.

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Why Is The World So Quiet When It Snows? The Science Behind the Silence

It's not just a myth that the world seems more quiet after a snowfall. There's science behind the silence.

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Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on the American Mink

Test your knowledge on these little-known creatures.

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Myth Buster: The Full Moon Doesn't Really Change Human Behavior

Think the full moon makes people act a little batty? Think again. This belief has existed for many moons, but it simply isn't true. 

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2020 Will Start With Some Stellar Sky-Watching

What to watch for in the night sky this month.

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What's The Difference: Trumpeter Swan vs. Tundra Swan vs. Mute Swan

Three types of swans populate our waterways, but these white birds can be hard to tell apart from one another. Learn what features can help you distinguish between trumpeter swans, tundra swans and mute swans.

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Current Headlines

Summer Paddling Program Launches with New Format


Paddling program participants will be required to bring their own boats, personal flotation devices and paddles due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Coming Up On Facebook Live: Become a Time Traveler with Riverview Tour


The Facebook Live program will feature the history of the Clow family that settled Wheatland Township in the 1800s as well as an in-depth look at the site's barn and homes. 

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