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  • Rare bird alert: White-faced ibis spotted at Whalon Lake


    In a rare occurrence, a white-faced ibis was spotted at Whalon Lake over the weekend. 

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  • Farm program makes historic shift to organic


    The first organic farm license was awarded to Yunker Farms LLC for 147 acres in Jackson Creek Preserve. The addition of an organic farming license is part of a move to better protect the soil until the land can be restored to its native state.

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  • DuPage River Trail paves the way for bicycle commuter


    Joliet resident Rob Simpson grew tired of his short commute taking so long by car. So he ditched the vehicle and opted to bike to work on the DuPage River Trail. He said he's saving money on gas and feels healthier. 

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  • Keep your dogs safe during excessive heat and humidity


    With excessive heat and humidity this week, the Forest Preserve District is reminding dog owners to take precautions so their pets don't overheat. 

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  • Follow safety guidelines for a safe preserve outing


    Know which numbers to call and other safety practices before you visit a preserve or trail.

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  • Largest property gift honors donor’s husband and family’s love of land


    Lisbet "Beth" Temple of Flossmoor is donating 160 acres in Washington Township near Beecher to the Forest Preserve. The land was purchased by her husband, Dr. Arvid Temple, in 1965, and it was a place where the couple grew vegetables, raised animals and enjoyed nature and being together. 

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  • 'Coexisting with Wildlife' section debuts on website


    The Forest Preserve's new online feature will help you find information on 16 creatures that you might encounter around your home, in your neighborhood or at a local preserve. The section features the benefits of each and also how to handle potential problems. 

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  • How to have a successful dog park outing


    Following the Forest Preserve District's rules and paying attention to advice from dog experts will help you have an enjoyable and safer experience. Know your dog, stay with your dog and pick up after your dog for the safety and benefit of all involved. 

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  • Use common sense when encountering coyotes during pupping season


    Coyote pupping season is underway, so it's important to take steps to prevent potential conflicts.

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  • Destruction not allowed: Don’t tamper with nature or use preserves as dumping grounds


    The Forest Preserve District's General Use Ordinance No. 124 prohibits the destruction of natural resources and vandalisms in the preserves. The rules are in place to protect Will County's last undisturbed natural areas and to create new habitats for native species and places of respite for visitors.

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Hummingbird Rooftop Hangout

8/17/2022 10:00 AM

Visit Hidden Oaks Nature Center’s green roof to see hummingbirds from a new vantage point. 

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BYOB Bingo

8/17/2022 6:00 PM

Enjoy the summer weather while playing bingo outdoors in the beautiful setting of Prairie Bluff Preserve! 

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The Buzz

Jellyfish in Illinois? You better believe it


Jellyfish in Illinois? They do exist, although they're so small you might never notice them.

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Bees and wasps buzzing your hummingbird feeders? You're not alone


If you've been seeing more bees than hummingbirds visiting your hummingbird feeders, you're not alone. Learn why we see them more at this time of year and some tips for keeping them away.

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Celebrate Urban Birds project aims to introduce birding to underserved populations


We're never too far away from birds, and that's why Celebrate Urban Birds project aims to use some of our most common birds to introduce traditionally underserved communities to birds and birding.

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