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  • Aerial view of Hadley Valley

    Creating connections: trail enhancements in the works for 2022 and beyond


    Improvements are coming to the Forest Preserve District's extensive trail system. Some of the work will take place this year, and other projects are part of long-range plans with multiple partners. 

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  • Aerial view of Plum Valley Preserve

    Lasting legacy: Forest Preserve grows by more than 1,500 acres


    Some of the land was purchased, some donated and some was transferred from the state.

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  • Image of Compass newsletter

    Renamed and refreshed: Compass newsletter will help you navigate nature


    The Forest Preserve District's newsletter, The Citizen, which debuted 40 years ago, has a new name, a refreshed look and a new mix of content that is designed to inform, entertain, inspire and educate readers. You can subscribe to The Compass with a click of a mouse to receive this weekly digital publication in your email inbox. Current subscribers to The Citizen do not need to sign up a second time to receive The Compass.

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  • Bald eagle soaring with nesting material

    Are you seeing bald eagles in the preserves? Give them some space


    If you go eagle watching this year, remember to keep your distance so as not to disturb these amazing creatures. If a bird is reacting to you, then you are too close. 

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  • Aerial view of dam removal at Hammel Woods

    When the river wall came down: Video chronicles Hammel Woods Dam removal


    A video titled, "The Dam Project at Hammel Woods" is now available for viewing on the District's YouTube page. The video chronicles the dam removal process and explains why it was necessary and how it was done. 

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  • Black dog at dog park

    Keep your dogs safe during excessive heat and humidity


    With excessive heat and humidity this week, the Forest Preserve District is reminding dog owners to take precautions so their pets don't overheat. 

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  • Police and cyclist on trail

    Follow safety guidelines for a safe preserve outing


    Know which numbers to call and other safety practices before you visit a preserve or trail.

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  • Woman standing outside old barn

    Largest property gift honors donor’s husband and family’s love of land


    Lisbet "Beth" Temple of Flossmoor is donating 160 acres in Washington Township near Beecher to the Forest Preserve. The land was purchased by her husband, Dr. Arvid Temple, in 1965, and it was a place where the couple grew vegetables, raised animals and enjoyed nature and being together. 

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  • Raccoons peeking out of tree

    'Coexisting with Wildlife' section debuts on website


    The Forest Preserve's new online feature will help you find information on 16 creatures that you might encounter around your home, in your neighborhood or at a local preserve. The section features the benefits of each and also how to handle potential problems. 

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  • Large dog running at dog park

    How to have a successful dog park outing


    Following the Forest Preserve District's rules and paying attention to advice from dog experts will help you have an enjoyable and safer experience. Know your dog, stay with your dog and pick up after your dog for the safety and benefit of all involved. 

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Happy Mornings Yoga and Hike

3/26/2023 9:00 AM

Start the day off right with some self-care, beautiful nature and quiet reflection. 

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Seasons at Thorn Creek Woods: Signs of Spring

3/26/2023 10:30 AM

Join naturalists to explore Thorn Creek Woods in search of signs of spring.

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The Buzz

Happening now: Chorus frogs are loudly seeking mates


If you venture out into the preserves these days, there's a good chance you'll hear chorus frogs making a racket as they call out looking for a mate.

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Five facts about stealthy, solitary bobcats


Of the 40 wildcat species in the world, just the bobcat lives in Illinois, and even its existence here is a surprise to many people.

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Check your trees for nests before trimming or pruning


The trees may still be dormant at this time of year, but they could still be full of life. If you're planning to trim or prune your trees, make sure to give them a good once over to check for active squirrel and bird nests. 

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