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Creature Feature: The Beloved American White Pelican

American white pelicans make their presence known in Will County twice a year, so get to know more about these biannual visitors in our creature feature.

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Our Birds Are Disappearing; Here's How You Can Help

Our birds are disappearing at an alarming rate, but there are many simple things you can do at home to help save them.

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Bizarre Science: Male Honeybees Blind Their Queens With Toxic Semen

Males bees, the drones, have an unusual way of showing affection for the queen – they try to blind her. It may sound bizarre, but it makes perfectly good sense.

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Green Dragon Plant: An Uncommon Plant with a Misleading Name

The name of the green dragon plant conjures up some fantastical images, but in reality you have to have quite an imagination to see the plant's resemblance to a fictitious reptile.

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What's the Difference?: Sharp-shinned Hawk vs. Cooper's Hawk

Can't tell the difference between a Cooper's hawk and a sharp-shinned hawk? You're not alone. These two birds are strikingly similar in appearance, but there's a few things to look for to tell them apart.

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Nature Curiosity: Why Do Birds Have Feathers and Not Fur or Scales?

Birds' feathers make them unique in the animal kingdom, and those feathers help birds in many ways.

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Quiz: Are You Savvy About Queen Snakes?

Can you ace this 10-question quiz?

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Eavesdropping Is a Survival Skill for Squirrels, Study Shows

Squirrels eavesdrop on birds to help them determine if an area is safe from potential predators, according to a recent study.

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Ghost Plant: The Albino on the Forest Floor

This unique specimen is often confused for a fungus, but it's a perennial plant that lacks chlorophyll.

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Leaves of Three, Let It Be: How To Avoid Poison Ivy and Its Itchy Rash

"Leaves of three, let it be" is a good rule of thumb, but knowing more about poison ivy may help you avoid an itchy rash. 

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Creature Feature: The Royal-Sounding Queen Snake

The royal-sounding queen snake is common in the Great Lakes region. This snake, often seen near water, is sometimes confused with the garter snake and the northern water snake. Learn what sets it apart. 

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Nature Curiosity: How Do Flocks of Birds Coordinate?

Birds flying in formation can be an awe-inspiring feat of nature, but how do the birds do it? And why?

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Quiz: What's Your Red-tailed Hawk IQ?

Find out by answering these 10 questions.

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The Sounds of the Night: Insects Create a Nocturnal Chorus

If you listen closely at night, you'll hear a chorus of insects. Cicadas, crickets and katydids all combine to create a symphony of sound. 

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A Death Trap for Wildlife: Improperly Disposed of Fishing Line

Fishing line seems like an innocuous tool, but in reality it's a death trap for untold numbers of wildlife.

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Current Headlines

Closure Set for Joliet Iron Works


Joliet Iron Works Historic Site will be closed from Friday, January 24, through Tuesday, January 28, for filming.

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Snake Photo Snatches Top Prize in 2019 Photo Contest


College student Jacob Dalen of Manhattan took the winning shot at Sauk Trail Reservoir in Frankfort. 

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