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  • A great horned owl takes off from a tree

    Mysterious, night-dwelling owls may just be the coolest birds around


    The Forest Preserve's Bob Bryerton tells us why owls are such fascinating creatures and why we just can't learn enough about these stealthy, winged beasts. 

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  • Man holding camera along the DuPage River

    Mike Nagrocki's 'Happy Place': A backyard escape teeming with wildlife


    In the five years he has lived across from the Hastert-Bechstein preserve, Nagrocki has been transformed into a wildlife photographer and a bird and wildlife watcher, something he says has helped him to escape everyday life and to appreciate and learn about nature to a higher degree.

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  • Pollinator hotel at Isle a la Cache

    Pollinator hotels abuzz with guests thanks to Eagle Scout candidate


    Three hotels built by 14-year-old Luke Lunde of Manhattan and his Scouting crew at Isle a la Cache preserve in Romeoville are attracting solitary bees that nest in cavities and are important pollinators. 

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  • Cyclists on a bike trail at Whalon Lake

    Don't Be a Jerk: Announcing 'on your left' as you pass slower trail traffic is the right thing to do


    With more and more bicyclists taking to the trails during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's imperative that everyone learn proper trail etiquette; announce your intent to pass, pass on the left and stay to the right when not passing. 

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  • Dead bird hanging from a branch

    Here We Go Again: Another Bird Killed by Fishing Line in the Preserves


    It's becoming an all too common occurrence that shouldn't happen at all in the preserves or elsewhere, seeing dead birds hanging from trees after getting tangled up in fishing line.

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  • Dead robin hanging from fishing line

    Fishing line killed this robin at Monee Reservoir; it shouldn't have


    It's a scene that plays out too often in the preserves: animals found dead or injured because they became trapped in fishing line.

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  • Man on a trail with his bike

    Earin Land’s 'Happy Place': Melting Away the Pounds and the Past on the Wauponsee


    The latest installment of the Forest Preserve District's "Happy Place" series features a retired Will County Sheriff's Police sergeant who made riding a bike on the Wauponsee Glacial Trail a key part of his retirement plan. 

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  • Man holding flies in a jar

    Forest Preserve serves as forensic entomology classroom for law enforcement


    The two-day forensic entomology workshop provided area law enforcement with instructions on using insects in death investigations.

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  • Woman on a trail with her camera

    Debi Shapiro’s ‘Happy Place’ – making memories with her mom at Rock Run Rookery Preserve


    Rock Run Rookery Preserve was one of Shapiro's favorite places to take her ill mother so she could get out of the house and enjoy nature. 

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  • Woman holding a monarch butterfly

    For Barb Ferry, raising monarchs is more than a hobby


    Barb Ferry has been raising monarch butterflies at home and releasing them into the wild, with the ultimate goals of helping sustain their population and educating the public of their importance.

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WonderKids: Seed Need!

3/7/2024 10:00 AM

Calling all families with preschoolers! Join us for a hands-on program designed for your little one. This month, we will learn all about seeds.

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Campfire Sing-along and Hike

3/8/2024 6:30 PM

Explore the sights and sounds of Messenger Woods with a night hike then gather around the campfire for singing and s'mores.

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The Buzz

Migration watch: Sandhill cranes are heading north, so keep your eyes and ears peeled


It's peak migration season for sandhill cranes, so don't be surprised if you hear their loud, bugling call overhead.

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Two words perfectly describe red-winged blackbirds: Feisty and familiar


Several birds are known for their aggressive behavior, but perhaps none as much as the red-winged blackbird, a bird that isn't afraid to pick on creatures much larger than itself. 

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In March, we welcome spring and later sunsets


March 19 brings with it the arrival of spring, but even before that we can enjoy later sunsets when daylight saving time begins on March 10.

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