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  • Want to elevate your walk to a hike? Check out these natural surface trails


    What makes a hike more than a walk? A natural surface trail certainly helps.

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  • August full moon will put a damper on peak Perseids activity


    The Perseids is the most anticipated meteor shower of the year because of how many shooting stars it produces, but this year its peak coincides with the full moon. 

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  • Seen an armadillo or a bear? IDNR wants to know


    Armadillos aren't normally seen in the northern part of Illinois and, when they are, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources wants to know about it. Same for black bears, cougars and gray wolves.

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  • You don't even have to leave your car to take in the sights at some preserves


    Not everyone is able to hike along trails to enjoy nature and all it has to offer, so the Forest Preserve has many spots where you can take in the sights from your car or an easy-to-get-to bench.

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  • Five fun facts about subterranean earthworms


    Learn all about the earthworms crawling just below the surface.

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  • The dog days of summer are here, but it doesn't mean what you think


    The dog days of summer are here, both literally and metaphorically. Be sure to stay safe outdoors during periods of high heat and humidity.

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  • The buzz on cicadas: How this summer's insects are different than their famous 17-year relatives


    That buzz you hear coming from the trees in your yard is coming from cicadas, but not the type of the insect that emerges only every 17 years. These cicadas emerge every summer, alerting us to their presence with their well-known buzzing sound.

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  • How to tell how old a tree is — without cutting it down


    Want to determine the age of a tree without cutting it down? As long as you know what kind of tree it is, all you need is a measuring tape and a calculator.

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  • When it comes to creeping along at a snail's pace, snails and slugs really take the cake


    Turtles have nothing on snails when it comes to creeping along at a snail's pace, and while we may not give much thought to snails and slugs they are quite numerous around the world.

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  • Quiz: How good are your insect identification skills?


    Test your insect identification skills with this 10-question quiz.

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Current Headlines

Bilingual Bird Hike explores unique Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve


As part of The Preserves Are for You campaign, the Forest Preserve will host a Bilingual Bird Hike at Lockport Prairie on Aug. 27. A Spanish translator will be present and all bird-watching experience levels are welcome. 

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Thorn Creek Woods, nature center to close for repairs


An AmeriCorps project at Thorn Creek Woods Nature Preserve will begin on Monday, Aug. 29, and run through Friday, Sept. 2. During this time, the parking lot, trails and nature center will all be closed. 

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