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Hey bird nerds! Sign up for our new Flock and Feather digital newsletter

Now is the time of year when people make resolutions, and this year, ours is to keep finding new ways to connect with the public and share our love of nature. And to do just that, we're launching another free, digital newsletter. 

Flock and Feather is our latest offering, joining our robust newsletter lineup that includes The Compass and Get Going

If there's one thing we've learned over the years through social media and our website, it's that birders are passionate and eager to learn. That's where Flock and Feather comes in. This monthly digital newsletter will be sent to email inboxes on the second Thursday of each month and will be filled with a variety of information to appeal to birders of all levels. 

In addition to curating a collection of stories focusing on birds and birding, we'll be whipping out some fascinating bird facts and sharing some incredible photography, as well as helping you get better at identifying bird calls. While out in the preserves, you can't always identify them by sight but using your ears to figure out what's living in the woods can be just as rewarding.

"We try to be as responsive to the public as possible online, and this is another important tool we can use to give people the content they're searching for," said Chad Merda, digital communications manager for the Forest Preserve District. "This initiative is in direct response to seeing a large reaction from the public to anything having to do with birds, whether it's on our website, through social media, or offered as part of a public program."

Signing up is easy and only takes a few seconds. And best of all, it's free.


Go on a wild goose chase with our Take It Outside app challenge


As part of the Forest Preserve District's Take It Outside campaign, the app challenge will have you traversing the county and hiking trails, while earning points with each completed mission.

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Lend nature a hand by signing up for a Volunteer Morning


Volunteer Morning program details for the first quarter of 2023 have been released. If you've made a New Year's resolution to help the environment, this is a good way to do just that. Simply sign a waiver and register for the program that suits your schedule. 

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