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  • A woman in a wheelchair pauses along a river to take in the scenery.

    All-terrain wheelchair opens 'a whole new world' for nature exploration


    The first person to test the new GRIT Freedom Chair at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center said she loved that she could travel over grass, roots and mud and feel secure while doing so. The wheelchair is available for public use at no cost. 

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  • A line of cyclists travel on a crushed limestone trail.

    Pump your brakes on the trails to improve safety for all


    Use proper trail etiquette to avoid injuries on Forest Preserve trails this year. The paths are multi-use, which means everyone has to share the space. 

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  • A bald eagle and its eaglet in a nest.

    Bald eagle nesting update: We have confirmed seven eaglets in four nests


    The bald eagle population has been booming in Will County in recent years, and we're monitoring four active nests. 

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  • A man poses with a fish.

    Bait your hook for some fishing derby fun at Hidden Lakes in 2024


    Anglers will have fun competing in fishing derbies at Hidden Lakes Trout Farm in Bolingbrook this summer. The derbies will be for kids in June and all ages in September. 

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  • A man stands on a trail in a forest preserve.

    Healing With Nature: Combat veteran finds his ‘flow’ on forest preserve paths


    The next installment of the Healing With Nature series features Nick Wallace of Joliet. The combat veteran and former Marine sergeant picked up 70 bags of trash at a preserve recently. He said being in nature reduces his anxiety and provides pure enjoyment.  

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  • An adaptive all-terrain wheelchair

    New all-terrain wheelchair available for public use at Four Rivers


    An adaptive all-terrain wheelchair is now available for public use at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center in Channahon. The GRIT Freedom Chair – Spartan Model can be used by people of all ages and abilities. 

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  • A few of the Take It Outside challenge first-place winners.

    800 participants get serious 'Winter Workout' in first seasonal Take It Outside Challenge


    The winter Take It Outside Challenge ended March 30 with more than 30 people completing all 110 missions to land in first place. The next seasonal challenge starts April 14. 

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  • A cinnamon teal, with its brown body, is seen in the middle surrounded by blue-winged teals.

    Rare bird alert: For first time ever, cinnamon teal spotted in Will County


    A cinnamon teal has been spotted in Crete, which is the first time this bird has ever been reported in Will County. 

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  • A large collection of fishing line waiting to be recycled.

    Recycle your fishing line to avoid injuring or killing wildlife


    The Forest Preserve District has 30 fishing line recycling containers installed at fishing locations for anglers to properly dispose of their broken or unneeded monofilament. The goal is to eliminate fishing line from the environment and to protect wildlife in the preserves. 

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  • A white and brown dog walks on a path

    Leash your dog in the preserves or risk being ticketed


    Off-leash dogs are not allowed in the forest preserves other than inside the dog parks. If your dog is loose, you could be ticketed. Off-leash dogs scare other preserve visitors and their pets and the loose dogs could be harmed themselves or do damage to the environment. 

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Teen Connection

7/17/2024 3:00 PM

Calling all teens looking for some inspiration this summer! Join our recreation coordinator for a hike and time to hang with other teens.

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BYOB Bingo

7/17/2024 6:00 PM

Let’s socialize while playing bingo outdoors in the beautiful setting of Hickory Creek Preserve!

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The Buzz

Quiz: Test your hummingbird braininess


While these bright and beautiful birds can be seen in our area, learn more about these miniature but mighty marvels.

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Nature curiosity: How do flies find garbage and other stinky things?


How do flies find garbage and other sources of stink so fast? They rely on their antennae to help them hone in.

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Quiz: What's your luna moth IQ?


Find out by answering these 10 questions.

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