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Amid Rampant Deforestation, Every Tree Counts. You Can Help By Planting One At Home

Trees are disappearing at alarming rates, but don't think your actions are too small to make a difference. Planting a tree at home will have long-lasting positive effects on you and the world around you.

I&M Canal Trail

The I&M Canal Trail travels 7.57 miles from the Joliet Iron Works Historic Site north through Lockport to Romeoville.


Throughout Will County, the Forest Preserve District has provided paved and limestone screened trails that are ideal for biking. Whether you are seeking a leisurely ride or a serious workout, a trail is available and it is likely close to home.

What's The Difference?: Bee vs. Hornet vs. Wasp

Bee, wasp or hornet? Learn the differences among these stinging insects.

Nature Curiosity: Why Do Coyotes Howl?

The sound of a coyote howling in the night is enough to stop people in their tracks, but have you ever stopped to think about what they are saying?

How To Stay Safe And Avoid Unnecessary Coyote Encounters

Seeing coyotes in your neighborhood most often is not cause for alarm because these animals are common throughout all of Illinois. You can keep yourself and your pets safe from them by following some simple, common-sense precautions.

'Woods Walk' Hiking Challenge Runs Through November 30

The popular "Woods Walk" hiking challenge began September 1 and runs through November 30. Hike seven of 10 trails to receive a medallion.

Two Blanding’s Turtles Join Others in District’s Recovery Program Effort

We've said farewell to a few Blanding's turtles and welcomed two others as part of the District's role in the Blanding's Turtle Recovery Program.

Isle a la Cache Museum

Isle a la Cache Museum immerses visitors in our cultural heritage and natural history. The museum transports visitors back to the 18th century, when "Illinois Country" was home to the fur trade.

Sugar Creek Administration Center

Sugar Creek Administration Center serves as the main office for the District. The administration center is a model of green architecture and has gained recognition from the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), a national standard for sustainable buildings.

Preserve the Moment

Read the full rules of the annual photo contest before submitting photos.

Plum Valley Preserve

The 455-acre Plum Valley Preserve was acquired between 1990 and 2000. The preserve is part of the Plum Creek preservation system, which conserves more than 2,300 acres.

Monee Reservoir

The Monee Reservoir Visitor Center offers a variety of educational and recreational opportunities


The Forest Preserve offers canoeing and kayaking opportunities at locations throughout Will County.

Preserve the Moment Photo Contest

Use this upload tool to enter the annual Preserve the Moment Photo Contest.

Nature Curiosity: Why Do Spiders Have So Many Eyes?

Most spiders have eight eyes, but not all spiders have good vision.

What's The Difference: Turtle Vs. Tortoise

Turtle or tortoise? There are some key differences between these animals, but if you saw it here in Illinois you can rest assured it was a turtle.

Here's How To Create A Healthy Bat Habitat in Your Yard — And Why You Should

Most of us try to avoid bats, but creating a welcoming habitat for them may be beneficial.

Nature Curiosity: How Do Spiders Make Silk?

Spider silk is stronger than any other fiber on Earth, but how do these eight-legged creatures make it? They are specially equipped for making silk, with glands and structures designed for just that purpose.

A primer for bringing your pooch to a preserve

Follow these rules to protect your pup and the preserves.

Runyon Preserve

Runyon Preserve has one shelter available, and a permit is required for all groups of 25 or more to use a shelter.

Four Rivers Environmental Education Center

Four Rivers Environmental Education Center is a model of green architecture, featuring a repurposed building site and interior fireplace, geothermal heating and cooling system, recycled and sustainable building materials, and energy saving technology.

Rock Run Greenway Trail

The Rock Run Greenway Trail travels 11.24 miles from Crest Hill south through Joliet.

Biting Through Bats' Bum Rap

Despite the trepidation many people feel toward bats, they play a crucial role in the world, one that is critical to our survival.

Woods Walk

Use this form to submit your travel log for the 2021 "Woods Walk."

Discounted Dog Park Permits Now on Sale

Half-price permits are available for purchase online, by mail or in person at one of four visitor centers. The permits can be used at all six Forest Preserve District dog parks through the end of 2021.

Looking For Peak Fall Colors? Let This Interactive Map Guide You

If you're counting down the days to a colorful canopy, this map is just for you.

Birding in the Preserves (Zoom webinar)

12/2/2021: Take a virtual hike to learn about the birds found in the preserves. You may be surprised that there are so many different types.

Rock Run Preserve

Rock Run Preserve has one shelter available at the Black Road Access, and a permit is required for all groups of 25 or more to use a shelter

5 Things To Know About Those Wacky and Wonderful Woodpeckers

Among birds, woodpeckers stand out for their uniqueness. Learn what sets them apart from other birds.

Amazing Find: Extremely Rare Glass Lizard Caught On Camera In Will County

Every now and then, you can get very lucky when out in the preserves and spot something truly amazing.

Explore Spooky Nature Themes and After-Dark Excursions this Fall

Witchcraft, shadows and zombies are creeping into the Forest Preserve District's autumn lineup. But don't be afraid, get engaged with some unusual topics and outings.

Five Fun Facts About So-Ugly-They're-Cute Opossums

From their appearance to their behaviors, opossums are unique in many ways.

Owls of Will County (Zoom webinar)

11/16/2021: Dive into facts about the owls of Will County, including key characteristics like how big they are, calls, location, etc.

Riverview Farmstead Preserve

Riverview Farmstead Preserve has one shelter available, and a permit is required for all groups of 25 or more to use a shelter. Groups smaller than 25 also can purchase a permit, which grants exclusive use of a shelter for the entire day.

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