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Lake Renwick Heron Rookery

The Lake Renwick Heron Rookery Visitor Center offers seasonal bird viewing opportunities for the public.

Creature Feature: The Crafty Raccoon

Loved or reviled, the raccoon is one of the most common mammals in Illinois.

Creature Feature: Nature's Lumberjack, the Beaver

Beavers' ability to build structures is one of the most significant in the animal kingdom and these animals are second only to humans in their ability to change the environment they live in.

Nature Curiosity: Why Does Some Snow Sparkle?

Have you ever noticed that some snow is particularly sparkly or glittery? Scientists call it 'snow sparkle,' an effect caused by sunlight reflecting off ice crystals in the snow.

Five Fascinating Facts About Coyotes

Coyotes are incredibly smart and adaptable. But how much do you really know about these generally reclusive animals that are afraid of humans?

Dive Into This Quiz on Birds of Prey

How much do you know about these impressive creatures are built for hunting, with sharp beaks, strong talons and spectacular flying ability?

Creature Feature: The Gangly and Graceful Great Blue Heron

With their long legs and necks and striking plumage, great blue herons somehow manage to be both gangly and graceful all at once. These birds are commonly seen throughout Will County, particularly near water.

Sculpting WILD Juried Art Competition

3/2/2021: Enjoy this one-of-a-kind art exhibition and participate in a public vote for the winners.

A Slide Through History: Rock Run Rookery Preserve

In its former life, the preserve now known as Rock Run Rookery used to be much less spectacular.

Happening Now: A Bald Eagle Bonanza At Rock Run Rookery

While places like Rock Island and Starved Rock State Park in Utica are often go-to spots for those fascinated by America's bird, Rock Run Rookery has been providing more than a suitable alternative closer to home.

Winter in the Woods: Off-Trail Adventure – Eagles

1/23/2021: Explore the woods with a naturalist and look for signs of eagles and other active animals in winter.

Why Is The World So Quiet When It Snows? The Science Behind the Silence

It's not just a myth that the world seems more quiet after a snowfall. There's science behind the silence.

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on the American Mink

Test your knowledge on these little-known creatures.

Quiz: Test Your Beaver Brainpower

We all know the saying 'busy as a beaver,' but how much do you really know about these buck-toothed rodents?

Creature Feature: The Elusive Bobcat

Bobcats are the most abundant wildcats in the United States, but that doesn't mean you're likely to run into one. These elusive cats are masters at remaining unseen.

Creature Feature: The Often-Misidentified 13-Lined Ground Squirrel

That chipmunk you see may be a 13-lined ground squirrel. Learn how to tell them apart and everything you need to know about these ground squirrels.

Retired Carpenter Nails Perfect Shot for June Photo Contest Win

Jon Flodstrom of Frankfort said he timed it just right to get within a foot of a widow skimmer perched near a Hickory Creek Preserve pond to snap the winning photo.

Lunch ’n Learn: Steel & Stone (Zoom webinar)

3/3/2021: Learn how Joliet earned its nickname The City of Steel and Stone and about the backbreaking work done by thousands of immigrants at the city's steel mills and quarries.

Messenger Woods Nature Preserve

The 441-acre Messenger Woods Nature Preserve was acquired between 1930 and 2006. The preserve is part of the Spring Creek preservation system, which conserves more than 1,900 acres.

The Bird of All Seasons

No matter what the weather is like, woodpeckers seem to be active and are a special treat for bird-watchers.

Preserve the Moment

Read the full rules of the annual photo contest before submitting photos.

Quiz: Are You an Expert on Opossums?

Are you an expert on opossums? Take this 10-question quiz to find out.

Nature Curiosity: How Do Migratory Birds Know Where To Go?

Many birds travel hundreds if not thousands of miles twice each year during their migration with no map to guide them. How do they know what route to take?

Nature Curiosity: How Do Flocks of Birds Coordinate?

Birds flying in formation can be an awe-inspiring feat of nature, but how do the birds do it? And why?

Quiz: How Savvy Are You About Snowy Owls?

Take this quiz to see how much you know about this treasured species.

'The Buzz' Nature Show Takes Flight Online and on Local TV

Interpretive naturalist Suzy Lyttle took viewers on a nature exploration during the July 29 debut of "The Buzz," a new Forest Preserve show that will air monthly on Facebook, YouTube and local cable access stations.

Isle a la Cache

The 101-acre Isle a la Cache was acquired between 1982 and 2014. The preserve is part of the Des Plaines River preservation system, which conserves more than 2,400 acres.

The Telltale Sights — And Sounds — That Woodpeckers Are Living Nearby

Woodpeckers leave both visual and auditory clues of their presence, and with a good eye and a good ear you can see and hear the signs.

Quiz: Can You Ace This River Otter Quiz?

Test your knowledge on this 10-question quiz.

Rock Run Rookery Preserve

Rock Run Rookery Preserve has one shelter available, and a permit is required for all groups of 25 or more to use a shelter.

Creature Feature: Coyotes, the Opportunistic Eaters

Coyotes try to remain unseen, hunting under the cover of darkness to protect themselves from being hunted.

The Owls of Will County

While you may hear them in the preserves, seeing them is a rare treat.

Follow These Tips To Winterize Your Yard for Wildlife

Want to see wildlife in your yard all winter long? The key is to make it a welcoming place for them to visit.

Creature Feature: The Stunning Snowy Owl

Snowy owls are a prized find among bird-watchers, because the beautiful birds are a sight to behold set against a wintry backdrop.

2021 Dog Park Permits Now On Sale

Dog park permits can be used at all six dog parks and they can be purchased online, via the mail or in person at Sugar Creek Administration Center in Joliet. Permits cannot be purchased in person at other Forest Preserve visitor centers at this time because they are currently closed to the public du

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