The preserves, seen in 15 amazing sunsets

There are ample opportunities to capture the perfect shot — or just enjoy someone else's photographic work


The full power and beauty of nature can be incredible, and that's especially the case when we're treated to some jaw-dropping sunsets.

At times, it can look like the entire sky is on fire, illuminated with orange and reddish glows. Other times, there's the perfect mix of clouds and color to completely overload the senses.

A solid sunset also provides a picturesque setting in which to sit back, relax and take it all in at the end of a long day. And with almost 22,000 acres of land in the District, there are plenty of places to find the perfect spot to do so.

For those whose time is at a premium, the hours-long visual display can be compressed into less than 60 seconds.

Behold the power of the time lapse.


While water locations tend to lend themselves to some of the most beautiful sunsets we've ever seen, there's still plenty of opportunities to be wowed inland.

It's really just a matter of perspective.

Here's a look at some of our favorites:


Hammel Woods

Photo Courtesy of Sue Delost

Lake Chaminwood Preserve

Photo courtesy of William Kaluzny

Lake Renwick Preserve

Photo courtesy of Evi Kempf

Riverview Farmstead Preserve

Photo courtesy of Richard Kolar

Lake Chaminwood Preserve

Photo courtesy of Ronald Kapala

Rock Run Preserve

Photo courtesy of David Winkleman Jr.

Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve

Photo courtesy of Yvonne Jones

Prairie Bluff Preserve

Photo courtesy of Brian Keller

Rock Run Preserve

Photo by Chad Merda

Lake Renwick Preserve

Photo courtesy of George Keslin

McKinley Woods

Photo courtesy of Chad Liptak

Lake Renwick Preserve

Photo courtesy of Evi Kempf

Whalon Lake

Photo courtesy of Scott Jakubenas

Hadley Valley

Photo courtesy of Chuck Medrano

Lead image at Monee Reservoir courtesy of Nathan Taylor

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