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Your Groundhog Friend,
Willy the Woodchuck
Nature Rules!


Seeds and nuts are SUPER! You can eat, plant and decorate with them. They move around the world in all kinds of ways. Some seeds whirl like helicopters, while others float like parachutes or hitch a ride on your socks. Nuts are tough to crack and are found in all shapes and sizes.  

What in the world is a seed anyway?

A seed is a part of a plant that allows the plant to make more plants.

What in the world is a nut?

A nut is a hard-shelled fruit, usually containing a seed!

  • Seeds travel in many ways  by land, air and water!


  • If a seed gets everything it needs, it will grow into a plant.


  • Acorns (the nuts from an oak tree) are an important winter food for many animals. Watch these "competitive chipmunks race to take advantage of Autumn's abundance."


Seed balls

Get your hands messy by creating a craft that will grow! Follow the steps below to make seed balls and then throw them into an area ready for beautiful flowers. Seed balls make great gifts for family and friends!  



  • Flower seeds – Try natives from your area. 
  • Clay or clay powder from any craft shop
  • Soil 
  • Water
  • Bowl 


  1. Take a small clump of clay, a small clump of soil, and a pinch of seeds 
  2. Roll all three ingredients in your hands to create a ball 
  3. If ball feels dry, add a little water. The ball should feel damp but not dripping wet. 
  4. Repeat to make more for your friends! 
  5. When planting, look for a sunny area with exposed soil. Toss your ball and watch it grow!  

Seed Mosaics 

A mosaic is a piece of art or image made by bringing together small pieces of colored glass, stones or other materials. Try making a mosaic with seeds or nuts! 



  • Seeds or nuts
  • Paper
  • Marker or pen 
  • Glue 


  1. Draw a shape on your paper to fill in with the seeds. This shape could be a fish, a bird, a sun or anything else you can imagine! 
  2. Use the glue to fill in one part of your shape. Glue in sections so you have time to place the seeds before the glue dries. 
  3. Spread the glue evenly with your finger.
  4. Place seeds on the glued portion of paper.
  5. Repeat until your shape is completely filled! 


Some seeds can be used as whistles. Here’s how to make a whistle using an acorn cap.

Squirrel’s Tree House

Visit Plum Creek Nature Center to play with nuts and seeds at Squirrel’s Tree House! Collect acorns, seeds and nut to drop down to a friend using the acorn drop. Use the voice tube to tell the seed and nut jokes included on this page to a friend. Hide acorns around the playground and see how many your friend can find.

Photo by Suzy Lyttle

Make a Grass Head

Go outside and look for a few tall grass plants that are seeding, or any plant seeds you can find. Then collect them.

Next, get a plastic cup or reuse the bottom of a plastic water bottle. Decorate the cup with paper eyes and a smile.

Fill the cup with dirt, leaving ¼ inch from the top empty. Plant your seeds by burying them just under the surface of the soil, and then water the soil until damp.

Place you Grass Head in a window sill and wait for it to grow.

Photo by Jen Guest


This edition is just a little bit nutty



Seed Racer

Play “Seed Racer”!

Test your skills and see if you can catch all the seeds! 

Acorn Arcade

Play "Acorn Arcade"!

See your score rise as you feed the squirrels acorns, but be careful to avoid the owls!

Books for kids

Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move  
JoAnn Early Macken 
A clever tale of seeds and their life cycle.

Photo by Suzy Lyttle

The Tiny Seed (The World of Eric Carle) 
March 10, 2009
Eric Carl
A classic tale of a flower’s lifecycle.


Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! 
November 21, 2013
Nancy Elizabeth Wallace 
In this story, Buddy gets five days of fun with five kinds of seeds!