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Birds Are Modern-Day Dinosaurs? Believe It!

Despite what you learned in school, dinosaurs do still exist. The birds we see today are actually modern-day dinosaurs.

Plum Creek Nature Center

The Plum Creek Nature Center offers visitors a place to explore the natural world, with hands-on exhibits and interactive play elements.

5 Fast Facts About Those Pesky Mosquitoes

Five facts about mosquitoes — perhaps the most hated creature on Earth.

What's the Difference?: Blizzard vs. Snowstorm

Snowstorms are often anticipated for days ahead of their arrival, but when does a snowstorm become a blizzard?

Recycle Your Bicycle

4/9/2022-4/24/2022: This program is designed to practice environmental stewardship while helping others, which is a win-win!

Isle a la Cache Museum

Isle a la Cache Museum immerses visitors in our cultural heritage and natural history. The museum transports visitors back to the 18th century, when "Illinois Country" was home to the fur trade.

Think Twice Before Your Next Sip and Skip the Straw Instead

Next time you order a drink from a restaurant, think twice before you unwrap the straw. Americans use millions of straws a day, and many of them end up as litter, eventually making their way into ours lakes and rivers. National Skip the Straw Day, held every February, aims to change that.

The Science Behind Those Picture-Perfect Sunsets

A picture-perfect sunset is far from a guarantee, and a lot of factors play into whether the sun's inevitable slip below the horizon each day will take your breath away.

Nature Curiosity: Why Do We Have Seasons?

No matter what your favorite season is, you have the sun to thank for it.

Five Mind-Blowing Facts About Trees

Here's a look at some of the many reasons we should appreciate trees.

2022 Begins With Quadrantids Meteor Shower At Its Peak. Will You See A Shooting Star?

That streak you see racing across the night sky might just be a meteor or fireball from the Quadrantids meteor shower.

Eyes To The Skies For Mercury's Elongation East of the Sun

The evening of June 4 provides an opportunity to view Mercury just after the sun sets.

The Buzz on Cicadas: How This Summer's Insects Are Different Than Their Famous 17-Year Relatives

That buzz you hear coming from the trees in your yard is coming from cicadas, but not the type of the insect that emerges only every 17 years. These cicadas emerge every summer, alerting us to their presence with their well-known buzzing sound.

Nature Curiosity: Why Are Some Mornings So Dewy?

What does it mean when the grass is wet and dewy in the morning? Can it tell you anything about the weather to come?

Amid Rampant Deforestation, Every Tree Counts. You Can Help By Planting One At Home

Trees are disappearing at alarming rates, but don't think your actions are too small to make a difference. Planting a tree at home will have long-lasting positive effects on you and the world around you.

Nature Deficit Disorder Is Real: Kids Need To Spend Time Outdoors

Sending your kids outside to play is good for their mental and physical health.

Creature Feature: American Badgers Are Digging Machines

The American badger isn't as well-known as many of the other mammals that call Will County home, but these fascinating creatures are exceptional diggers that are known to work alongside coyotes to hunt.

Five Fascinating Facts About Spiders

The world is home to 50,000 kinds of spiders, and they live just about everywhere.

Stellato Family’s ‘Happy Place’: Loving Nature and Removing Litter at Hammel Woods

Vince Stellato is teaching his two sons to appreciate and absorb nature and to pick up litter on their fequent jaunts to Hammel Woods.

Nature Curiosity: Where Does Fog Come From?

You woke up to a blanket of fog covering the neighborhood, but where did it come from?

Winter Got You Feeling Blue? Here's Five Ways To Enjoy The Season

Need inspiration for embracing winter? Here are five ways you can seize the season.

What's The Difference?: Woods vs. Forest

A walk in the woods or a walk in the forest? Is there even a difference?

Creature Feature: The Eye-Catching Belted Kingfisher

The belted kingfisher is a common bird that lives across the entire United States, and they often catch the eye and the ear with their top-heavy appearance and loud, rattling calls.

Five Fun Facts About Bioluminescent Lightning Bugs

Lightning bugs are a summer tradition, and there's plenty about these insects that is fascinating.

Farm Program Makes Historic Shift to Organic

The first organic farm license was awarded to Yunker Farms LLC for 147 acres in Jackson Creek Preserve. The addition of an organic farming license is part of a move to better protect the soil until the land can be restored to its native state.

Roly-Poly Bugs: Appreciated But Misunderstood

Roly-polies are a rare bug that draws appreciation rather than ire, but most of us don't know much about these creatures beyond that they can roll themselves up into a ball as a defense mechanism.

The World Is Aglow: Light Pollution Alters Our View And Our Health

Light pollution affects our health and the health of the wildlife all around us, and it's getting worse.

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