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Creature Feature: The Clever Green Heron

The green heron isn't as well known or as frequently seen as the great blue heron, but these birds are interesting in their own right.

DuPage River Bridge Installed as Black Road Project Continues

One pedestrian bridge was installed in mid-August over the DuPage River and a second span is coming for Interstate 55 as work continues on a project along Black Road that will link the DuPage River Trail in Hammel Woods with the Rock Run Greenway Trail in Rock Run Preserve.

These are the Wonderful Wildflowers Blooming Right Now Across Will County

It's that time of year when the preserves are bursting with color thanks to all of the spring wildflowers and we often get inquiries about what's currently out there.

Nature Curiosity: Why Do Worms Come To The Surface When It Rains?

If you've ever taken a walk outside after it rains, you know that worms tend to congregate above ground after wet weather. The reason why is a mystery, although scientists have a few theories.

Things We Love: Those Precious Possums

Opossums deserve our love and respect because they provide many benefits, and they're pretty cute too.

Forest Preserve Hits 22,000-acre Milestone with Crete and Wheatland Township Acquisitions

The latest purchases will improve the quality of life for the District's residents and protect land for future generations, while contributing to clean air, clean water and habitat for wildlife.

Quiz: Test Your Hummingbird Braininess

While these bright and beautiful birds can be seen in our area, learn more about these miniature but mighty marvels.

What You Need to Know About Tick Season

In Will County, mid- to late spring also marks the season when it’s most important to be vigilant about ticks when outdoors.

Spring Breeding Season Reminder: Leave Young Wildlife Alone

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is issuing a warning to would-be do-gooders.

Watch the Incredible Moment a Bison Calf is Born

The scene recently played out at Nachusa Grasslands, where bison were reintroduced to the prairie in 2014.

Nature Curiosity: How Do Flocks of Birds Coordinate?

Birds flying in formation can be an awe-inspiring feat of nature, but how do the birds do it? And why?

Quiz: What's Your Red-tailed Hawk IQ?

Find out by answering these 10 questions.

Creature Feature: The Royal-Sounding Queen Snake

The royal-sounding queen snake is common in the Great Lakes region. This snake, often seen near water, is sometimes confused with the garter snake and the northern water snake. Learn what sets it apart.

Nature Curiosity: Why Does Some Snow Sparkle?

Have you ever noticed that some snow is particularly sparkly or glittery? Scientists call it 'snow sparkle,' an effect caused by sunlight reflecting off ice crystals in the snow.

Leaves of Three, Let It Be: How To Avoid Poison Ivy and Its Itchy Rash

'Leaves of three, let it be' is a good rule of thumb, but knowing more about poison ivy may help you avoid an itchy rash.

Survival Stories: How Animals Endure Winter's Worst Weather

Even so, when given the choice, most of us choose to spend most of our time indoors. Animals, though, don't exactly have a choice.

Magnificent Moths of Will County

They have a bad rep as being drab, but they are among the most diverse organisms on Earth.

Things We Love: Those Magical Mayapples

The blooms of spring wildflowers can be fleeting, and that's certainly true of the mayapple. But what makes this plant all the more special is that its flowers hide under umbrella-like leaves, making them even harder to catch a glimpse of.

Things We Love: The Surprising Six-Lined Racerunner

Sometimes, the things we come to love are the things that surprise us. Learning the six-lined racerunner lives in Will County is what made interpretive naturalist Erin Ward fall in love with them.

Nature Curiosity: Where Does Fog Come From?

You woke up to a blanket of fog covering the neighborhood, but where did it come from?

Birds We Love — And Why

A look at some of the favorite species of Forest Preserve staff and volunteers.

Quiz: Are You Smart About Blue-Spotted Salamanders?

Test your knowledge with this 10-question quiz.

When It Comes To Our Lawns, Many of Us Are Keeping Up With the Joneses

The need to have a perfect lawn has to do with peer pressure, according to a recent study. But doing so isn't really good for the environment.

Things We Love: Those Layabout Woodchucks

Photographing wildlife can be an adventure, but the woodchuck is an easy subject.

Things We Love: Those Exquisite Common Grackles

Common grackles might seem ordinary, their name even implies it. But while these birds may be common, there is something quite special about them.

The Do's and Don'ts of Dealing with Injured, Orphaned Wildlife

Intervening too soon or giving a creature food and water can do more harm than good, say wildlife experts.

Rescued Baby Squirrel Gets Tiny Cast for Broken Arm

Wildlife rescues can come in all shapes, sizes and levels of cuteness.

Heart-Stirring Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are cool little creatures for a number of reasons, including amazing flying ability, incredible eyesight, and an astounding memory.

Biting Through Bats' Bum Rap

Despite the trepidation many people feel toward bats, they play a crucial role in the world, one that is critical to our survival.

Forest Preserve's Digital Marketing Efforts Earn National Award

An enhanced digital marketing effort has earned the Forest Preserve a national award – and tens of thousands of followers.

The Curious Black-Crowned Night Heron

Among the birds that roost at Lake Renwick Heron Rookery Nature Preserve, the black-crowned night heron is probably one of the most curious.

What Squirrels Did Under the Hood of This Car is Just Plain Nuts

These little critters can make quite a mess and here's the photo to prove it.

Homer Glen Man Checks Pool, Finds 'Thousands' of Tadpoles

We get our fair share of calls about wildlife, but right out of the gate it was clear this wasn't going to be the standard call.

Squirrel 'Came in Like a Wrecking Ball,' Immediately Regretted It

There's no shortage of videos featuring these furry little critters taking a spin on squirrel-proof feeders, but this one is particularly entertaining.

Monarch Migration

When you learn more about the journey the monarchs take to reach Will County, you start to appreciate these beautiful butterflies even more.

Bees: Vital, Yet Often Misunderstood

More than 20,000 species exist worldwide and they're crucial in the world's food supply.

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