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Keep Your Eyes Peeled For Venus In March's Night Sky

March includes the much-heralded start of spring, along with a supermoon and a great opportunity to see Venus in the night sky.

What's the Difference?: Reptile vs. Amphibian

Is a snake a reptile or an amphibian? How about a frog? These two classes of animals have some similarities, but some key characteristics also set them apart.

Ghost Plant: The Albino on the Forest Floor

This unique specimen is often confused for a fungus, but it's a perennial plant that lacks chlorophyll.

Woodland Oasis

The 430-acre Laughton Preserve, located on Wallingford Road in Wilton Township, contains remnants of land that present a rich and colorful history.

Has Your Bird Feeder Become a Squirrel Feeder? Here Are Some Ideas to Keep Those Rascals Away

Are your attempts at feeding the birds inadvertently keeping the neighborhood squirrels well fed? We're here to help.

Nature Curiosity: Why Don't Woolly Bear Caterpillars Freeze to Death?

Woolly bear caterpillars can't predict how bad winter will be, but they do have a pretty cool way to survive even the coldest of temperatures.

Five Wild and Wacky Woodcock Facts

When it comes to birds you can see in the preserves, the American woodcock may be the most unique one you'll come across.

Quiz: How Smart Are You About Salamanders?

Take this quiz to see how much you know about the spotted salamanders that can be found in Will County.

Which Wild Animal Are You?

We all can display some wild tendencies every now and then.

Weber Family's 'Happy Place': Hiking at Hammel Woods

Where is your forest preserve 'Happy Place?' For the Webers of Joliet, Hammel Woods is their go-to spot for hikes.

Daring Raccoon Rescue is Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse

It's fair to say things didn't go exactly as planned when a crew tried to rescue a raccoon that had been trapped on the ledge of a suburban Detroit building for days.

10 Fascinating Facts About Groundhogs

All groundhogs are terrible weather forecasters, but they are some amazing creatures in other regards.

Digging in for Winter

When the mercury plummets and the snow starts to fly, most forest creatures don’t head for the hills – they dig in for winter.

Use Caution as Repair Work Takes Place on I&M Canal and Wauponsee Glacial Trails

Path users should slow down or avoid the areas where "road mix" rock has been placed on the trails to repair low spots prior to limestone screenings being added.

First Murder Hornets, Now Zombie Cicadas. Luckily, Their Names Make Them Sound Worse Than They Are

Zombie cicadas are the latest scary-sounding insect to roam the world, but much like the murder hornets before them they sound scarier than they actually are.

Five Reasons to Plant Natives

Not all plants sold at local garden centers and home improvement stores are native; in fact, many are not.

Newly Released Images Show The Moon Like You've Never Seen It Before

Newly released images of the moon show it in more detail than we've ever seen before.

Things We Love: Those Teeny, Tiny Microarthropods

Tiny but mighty microarthropods are tiny bugs that do a lot of good despite their small size.

Clever Or Cruel? Brown-Headed Cowbirds Make Other Birds Do All The Work Of Raising Their Young

Brown-headed cowbirds lay their eggs in other birds' nests, outsourcing incubation and newborn care entirely to other birds. This may not win them any mother-of-the-year awards, but it is the only way they know.

Five Fascinating Facts You Probably Don't Know About Owls

Winter is the season for owls. Learn more about these mysterious and mystical creatures.

A Band of Blue Jays? Test Your Knowledge on Terms for Groups of Animals

Dive into a shiver of sharks and other fun names we have for groups of animals.

Snowy Owls Have Landed in Will County

The snowy owl was seen sitting atop a utility pole in Monee.

2020 Will Start With Some Stellar Sky-Watching

What to watch for in the night sky this month.

Harnessing the Wilderness

Bridges of all shapes and sizes are sprinkled throughout the Forest Preserve District of Will County. But a trio of trestles is noteworthy because of the history, location and design of each bridge.

The Graceful Great Egret

If you are fortunate enough to see the gracefulness of a great egret in person, you can thank early conservation efforts.

From Buckthorn to Beauty

Recent restoration efforts at Lockport Prairie East salvaged the land and the work has been rewarded with a Chicago Wilderness Excellence in Ecological Restoration Accreditation,

Breeding Like Rabbits? What Does That Mean Anyway?

Rabbits are well-known for their ability to reproduce, but what makes them more prolific than other animals?

Create Your Own Pollinator-friendly Garden with ‘Plant by Numbers’ Templates

View the pollinator garden and landscaping at Isle a la Cache in Romeoville for inspiration and then use templates from the 'Paint by Numbers' website to create a natural landscape tailored to your yard's soil and sun conditions.

Friends, Not Enemies: Coyote and Badger Work Together on the Hunt

This is easily the cutest thing you'll see today: A playful coyote waiting for its badger buddy before continuing on its way through a wildlife crossing under a highway in California.

Forget The Groundhog, Just Watch For These Signs For A Weather Prediction

Groundhogs get a lot of credit as weather prognosticators at this time of year, but there's no science to back up their predictions. If you really want to know what the weather holds, look for these clues from the natural world.

Who Goes There: Your Guide to Animal Tracks

How to identify animal tracks in your yard and beyond.

Myth Buster: Moss Doesn't Only Grow On The North Side of Trees

If you rely on the myth that moss only grows on the north side of trees to guide you through a forest, you're likely to get lost.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Badgers?

Find out by answering these 10 questions.

Pesticides Causing Brain Damage in Baby Bumblebees, Study Shows

Climate change and habitat loss aren't the only factors affecting bee population. A new study shows the use of pesticides called neonicotinoids can cause permanent brain damage in baby bumblebees.

Rare White Opossum Spotted in Wilmington

With scores of wildlife to be spotted around Will County, you never quite know what you'll spot while out in the great outdoors.

Lewis University Receives Forest Preserve Partnership Award

The Forest Preserve's partnership award recognizes the university's ongoing assistance with preserve restoration, shoreline cleanup, District programming and more.

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