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Winter Seeding Leads to Spring Sprouts

The cold-weather seed distribution of around 350 different plant species is scheduled for 14 preserves throughout Will County.

'Don't Be A Jerk' Campaign Takes to the Water

While jerks out in the preserves can cause a number of problems for normal, everyday visitors, jerks on the water can be even more problematic.

Quiz: Are You Savvy About Queen Snakes?

Can you ace this 10-question quiz?

What's the Difference?: Sharp-shinned Hawk vs. Cooper's Hawk

Can't tell the difference between a Cooper's hawk and a sharp-shinned hawk? You're not alone. These two birds are strikingly similar in appearance, but there's a few things to look for to help tell them apart.

Bizarre Science: Male Honeybees Blind Their Queens With Toxic Semen

Males bees, the drones, have an unusual way of showing affection for the queen – they try to blind her. It may sound bizarre, but it makes perfectly good sense from the drone's perspective.

Nature Curiosity: How Do Birds Learn To Fly?

Birds don't hatch knowing how to fly. Much like babies learning to walk, learning to fly is a process for baby birds, one that often involves a lot of trial and error.

Forest Preserve Serves as Forensic Entomology Classroom for Law Enforcement

Thirty members of law enforcement recently scooped, plucked and netted insects from pig carcasses during a death investigation entomology workshop at a rural forest preserve.

Nature Curiosity: How Do Spiders Make Silk?

Spider silk is stronger than any other fiber on Earth, but how do these eight-legged creatures make it? They are specially equipped for making silk, with glands and structures designed for just that purpose.

Think Twice Before Your Drop That Apple Core on the Ground; It's Still Littering

Food scraps don't decompose as fast as you might think, so leaving your apple cores and banana peels behind is bad news for many reasons.

Don't Be a Butthead; Dispose of Cigarettes Properly

Trillions of cigarettes are littered each year, creating a lasting impact for the environment. And now, with the rising popularity of e-cigarettes, litter from smoking includes both hazardous and electronic waste.

Nature Curiosity: How Do Birds Survive With Broken Beaks?

Can a bird survive with a broken beak? It often depends on where the injury is and how severe it is, as well as whether the bird can still eat.

Barb Parisi’s Happy Place: The healing powers of McKinley Woods

Barbara Parisi's Forest Preserve "Happy Place" is McKinley Woods, a site that helped her heal after a family tragedy.

Keep An Eye Out For These Signs of Spring

Plenty of clues are starting to pop up that signal warmer days are on the horizon.

What's The Difference: Trumpeter Swan vs. Tundra Swan vs. Mute Swan

Three types of swans populate our waterways, but these white birds can be hard to tell apart from one another. Learn what features can help you distinguish between trumpeter swans, tundra swans and mute swans.

Birds on the Brink Due to Climate Change

Nearly two-thirds of the bird species in North America — 389 of the 604 species — are at risk of facing 'unlivable climate conditions across most of their current ranges by 2080 if global temperatures remain on track to rise by 3 degrees Celsius.'

What's the Difference: Lichens vs. Mosses

Can you tell the difference between a lichen and a moss? They often look very similar, but there are a few key differences.

Myth Buster: The Full Moon Doesn't Really Change Human Behavior

Ask any teacher, emergency room nurse or police officer about the full moon, and they'll surely have some stories to tell. The idea that the full moon makes us a little loony may be deeply ingrained in our culture, but in reality it has never been conclusively proven.

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on the American Mink

Test your knowledge on these little-known creatures.

Your Guide to Spring Wildflowers

With warmer weather right around the corner — along with all of those spring wildflowers in The Forest Preserve District of Will County's many preserves — now is a great time to planning ahead for some trips into nature to see what it has to offer.

Raccoon In Awkward Situation Generates Some Buzz

It's apparently the season for animals getting themselves in all sorts of uncomfortable situations.

Caught on Video: Bald Eagle Attacks Nesting Bald Eagle

The bald eagle was minding its own business, tending to two eggs in the nest that's being monitored by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Carter Wright Draws on Interests in Photography, Wildlife for His Volunteer Role

Carter Wright's interests in photography and wildlife are the perfect complement to his work as a volunteer interpreter at Lake Renwick Heron Rookery Nature Preserve.

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge on the High-Flying Osprey

Answer these 10 questions to see if you are an osprey expert.

Green Dragon Plant: An Uncommon Plant with a Misleading Name

The name of the green dragon plant conjures up some fantastical images, but in reality you have to have quite an imagination to see the plant's resemblance to a fictitious reptile.

What's the Difference?: Centipede vs. Millipede

Is that creepy crawly covered in legs a centipede or a millipede? Here's how to tell.

These Birds Mean Business

Red-winged blackbirds have a bad reputation ... but they're not alone when it comes to birds doing whatever it takes to make sure everyone knows where they stand in the pecking order of nature.

These Animal Dads are Worth Celebrating

Many males play a key role in giving their offspring a much-needed jump-start.

Ducks Know What They're Doing; Leave Their Nests Alone

That duck nest you think is in a bad spot probably isn't. The duck knew what she was doing when she built it, and moving it will cause more harm than good.

Amazing Animal Moms of Will County

For Mother's Day, we're honoring the incredible things these local moms do for their young

Volunteer Spotlight: Animals Are the Attraction for These Kids

For the Swift family, caring for the animals at Plum Creek Nature Center taught them new skills they can now use at home.

How To Attract Hummingbirds to Your Yard: Native Plants Are Best

Both hummingbird feeders and wildflowers can help attract ruby-throated hummingbirds to your yard, but don't forget about including plants that host insects, another important food source for these tiny beauties.

The Big Chill: Ice Harvesting in Will County

Decades ago, rivers and lakes weren’t reserved exclusively for nature and recreation; they also served as natural ice factories.

Wild Mating Rituals

While many humans will be indulging in romance on Valentine’s Day, some animal species are gearing up for their own late winter wooing.

Can You Ace This Bison Quiz?

Here's your chance to test your knowledge of these amazing animals.

Sounds of Summer: 17-Year Cicadas Emerging, Making Presence Known

After spending 17 years underground, cicadas are emerging across Will County, and they're making their presence known with their familiar buzzing sound.

What's The Difference?: Wetland vs. Marsh vs. Swamp

Wetlands link land and water, creating a crucial habitat with many important roles.

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