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Why is This Canada Goose at Lake Renwick Flying Upside Down?

It's not your common, everyday occurrence.

Myth Buster: Frogs and Toads Don't Cause Warts

Toads and frogs can give you warts? Think again. Warts are caused by a human virus, and you won't get them from handling an animal.

'The Buzz' Nature Show Takes Flight Online and on Local TV

Interpretive naturalist Suzy Lyttle took viewers on a nature exploration during the July 29 debut of "The Buzz," a new Forest Preserve show that will air monthly on Facebook, YouTube and local cable access stations.

2020 Picnic and Camping Permits Now on Sale

Permits can be purchased online or in person at Forest Preserve visitor centers on a first-come, first-served basis.

Calendar Dog, Dumped at High-Kill Shelter, Still Needs A Home

Lollipop, who was dumped by her family shortly after giving birth to a litter of puppies, was rescued by the Will County Humane Society. The 1-year-old dog, who has medically gone from a "hot mess express" to a miracle case, now needs a loving home.

Quiz: Are You Savvy About Queen Snakes?

Can you ace this 10-question quiz?

History-Rich Iron Works turns 20

After peeling back the layers, this unique preserve conserves a piece of the 'City of Steel's' heritage.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Pelicans?

Find out by answering these 10 questions.

Quiz: Are You A Water Snake Expert?

Find out by answering these 10 questions.

Creature Feature: The Playful River Otter

River otters once nearly disappeared from Illinois, but these playful creatures have rebounded, thanks to a successful conservation program.

Snakes in the Water? Don't Worry; They're Not After You

Learn more about the northern water snake, one of the most common water snakes in Illinois.

Your Guide to Paddling Will County

The preserves offer excellent canoeing and kayaking opportunities on our local waterways

Forest Preserve Dog Parks Now Open

Changing recommendations from the CDC and state modifications to its COVID-19 response paved the way for the dog parks to reopen; but the Forest Preserve urges dog park patrons to follow all public safety advice to protect their health and the health of others.

Diver Gives Us Shocking Look at How Much Trash is in Waterways

When Rich Horner went for a dive to check out some marine life, he found 'so much plastic' instead.

Creature Feature: Opossums Are Nature's Pest Control

Opossums are so ugly that they're cute, but beyond their appearances we should appreciate them for their amazing pest control abilities.

Turn Your Eyes to Skies for Migrating Birds

You'll see a wide variety of feathered friends heading south for the winter.

The War on Dandelions Is Killing Bees, But It Doesn't Have To

As we prepare to declare war on dandelions, it's important to remember just how important these 'weeds' are for bees.

Nature Curiosity: How Do Migratory Birds Know Where To Go?

Many birds travel hundreds if not thousands of miles twice each year during their migration with no map to guide them. How do they know what route to take?

28-Inch Catfish Is Biggest Beast In This Year's 'Big Fish' Contest

Three anglers will receive $100 gift cards for hooking the biggest bass, catfish and panfish, and one grand prize winner was drawn from all the entries.

Creature Feature: The Ubiquitous Garter Snake

The garter snake is the most common snake in the United States, living from coast to coast. But these snakes are still interesting creatures, despite being ubiquitous.

The Best Places to Hike in Will County

Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise and there are miles of scenic trails to choose from.

Creature Feature: The Crafty Raccoon

Loved or reviled, the raccoon is one of the most common mammals in Illinois.

Hey, What's the Deal With Those Bales in the Preserves?

Late summer and fall are the time for hay bales to appear in the preserves during the annual harvest program the Forest Preserve District uses to keep woody and weedy plants at bay.

Creature Feature: The Mysterious Mink

The mysterious mink lives across Illinois, but are not often seen by humans.

Quiz: Can You Ace This River Otter Quiz?

Test your knowledge on this 10-question quiz.

Quiz: What's Your Belted Kingfisher IQ?

This 10-question quiz will test your knowledge.

There's More to Fall Than You Might Think

Look around, and you'll see many signs of changing seasons.

A Death Trap for Wildlife: Improperly Disposed of Fishing Line

Fishing line seems like an innocuous tool, but in reality it's a death trap for untold numbers of wildlife.

Avoid these plants to save yourself from painful rashes, blindness – even death

Here’s a closer look at some of the plants that can cause you harm and are best avoided.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for These Unusual Plants in the Preserves

From cactus to carnivorous plants, there are some surprises in the preserves

A Plant That Does What It's Told? Obedient Plant Isn't Just a Misnomer

The name obedient plant may seem like a misnomer, but the flowers of this plant can be turned in any direction and will stay in place once moved.

Bring On The Birds With Native Plants

If you are looking to attract a wide variety of birds to your yard, one of the best ways is to fill your landscape with native plants

Can You Identify These 15 Birds? Take the Test to Find Out

Birding can be a rewarding experience, but also tricky in getting those identifications just right.

Autumn Animal Behaviors

Preparation is key to survive the colder months ahead.

Creature Feature: Coyotes, the Opportunistic Eaters

Coyotes try to remain unseen, hunting under the cover of darkness to protect themselves from being hunted.

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