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Before There Was Us

Four properties owned and managed by the Forest Preserve District contain gravesites dating back to the 1800s.

Moments of Zen

Life can be hectic and we all could benefit from taking a few steps back from the frantic pace of the daily grind just to enjoy the finer things nature has to offer. And really, there's no better time to do it than on National Relaxation Day.

Our Top Smartphone Photos

The secret to capturing stunning shots is right in your pocket.

Pelicans Flock to Preserves

One of nature’s largest avian specimens have made a pit stop in Will County prior to migrating south for the winter.

Top 10 Trail Trips to Try

There are miles of scenic paths where you can exercise and enjoy nature.

There's More to Fall Than You Might Think

Look around, and you'll see many signs of changing seasons.

Nine Most Instagrammable Spots in the Preserves

All it takes is a few minutes in the District's preserves to realize there are some stunning sights and sounds to take in.

Mushroom Mania at Raccoon Grove

These natural wonders are a great way to celebrate the small details in the forest.

The Science Behind Fall Foliage

Mother Nature's twists and turns can have a big impact in how the trees change in autumn.

Freaky Fungus of the Week: Old Man of the Woods

When it comes to fungi that leave no mystery as to how they got their name, Old Man of the Woods definitely fits the bill.

Preserving Precious Pollinators

We take a closer look at how planting native species provides huge benefits.

Annual Trail Trek Keeps Joliet Bicyclist on Track

Joliet resident William Udrow shared his preserve passion with us recently. Read about his annual trek and his love for the Joliet bike paths.

Rabbits, Stink Bugs are Most-Googled Wildlife Images in Illinois

While we often get the biggest reaction on social media from creepy crawlies such as colorful spiders and huge snakes, data shows you're searching for stinky and cuter forms of wildlife.

Injured Hummingbirds Bring Big Challenges for Wildlife Rehabbers

They eat constantly, fly in excess of 30 mph and weigh less than a nickel, and it's that combination which can make diagnosing and treating an injured hummingbird quite the gargantuan task.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Coyotes?

See if you can ace the test.

Bid Approved, Groundbreaking Set for Normantown Trail Addition

Action taken by the Forest Preserve Board will pave the way for another section of the Normantown Trail to be built in Plainfield.

70 Bikes Donated During 'Recycle Your Bicycle'

The fall installment of 'Recycle Your Bicycle' was a success with 70 bikes being collected.

McKinley Woods' World War II Connection

At one time, McKinley Woods in Channahon was a German prisoner of war camp.

Creature Feature: The Predatory Great Horned Owl

The great horned owl is most well known from storybooks and folklore, because it is the owl that makes the famous hooting call.

Army Corps, State Contribute $591,000 for Restoration Efforts

Contributions totaling $591,000 from the U.S. Army Corps and a state wildlife fund will help accelerate Forest Preserve restoration efforts at four preserves.

The Bats of Will County

In honor of Bat Week, get to know the eight species that call the preserves home.

The Owls of Will County

While you may hear them in the preserves, seeing them is a rare treat.

Your Christmas Tree Could Have Up to 25,000 Bugs On It

If you don't take precautions, it could be the gift that keeps on giving.

Preserve Visitors Reminded to Use Caution During Winter Weather

The beauty of the winter season also brings along its necessary cautions.

Buy ‘Green’ Gifts – And Edible Bugs – at Plum Creek Nature Center

Check out Plum Creek Nature Center's new mix of 'green' and nature-themed gifts, including handmade items from around the world and edible bugs and worms.

Volunteer Spotlight: Ruth Meyer Wears Many Hats in Giving Back to Community

When Ruth Meyer retired after more than 40 years as a hair dresser, she made it a goal to give back to her community through volunteering.

Creature Feature: The Season-Predicting Groundhog

The groundhog becomes a celebrity each year on February 2, awakening from a months-long slumber to "predict" when winter will end. Beyond this annual ritual, most Americans know little about the groundhog.

That Bites: Winter No Break From Tick Checks After Time Outdoors

Winter weather isn't a guarantee that ticks don't pose a threat to you or your pets. If the temperature is above freezing and the ground isn't frozen, some ticks are still active.

Quiz: What's Your Groundhog IQ?

Get ready for Groundhog Day by testing your knowledge on Punxsutawney Phil and his friends.

Nature Curiosity: Why Don't Birds' Feet Freeze?

Ever shiver at the sight of birds on the ice in the dead of winter? No need to worry. Geese and other waterfowl are built to withstand these harsh conditions.

Monarchs are Moving North and You Can Chart Their Progress

Not only are hummingbirds inching closer to Illinois, but the great monarch butterfly migration is in full swing and they're also making some incredible progress toward the area.

Chevron donates $1,000 to Forest Preserve District

Chevron Environmental Management Co. in Lockport recently donated money to the Forest Preserve District that will be used to plant trees.

5 Ways Nature Can Keep You Healthy

A growing collection of research seems to be providing some proof of the many benefits of nature.

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