Nine Most Instagrammable Spots

Our top go-to sites are guaranteed to provide the perfect shot

All it takes is a few minutes in the District's preserves to realize there are some stunning sights and sounds to take in, whether it's while kayaking on the water, hiking a trail or simply sitting on a bench scanning the horizon.

We've been out and about capturing the beauty with 360-degree photos and the public has been sharing their photos in our Preserve the Moment photo contest, which will wrap up on December 31. There's also our Instagram account, filled with colorful photos sure to inspire others to hit the trails.

But for the hardcore Instagram users, what are the hottest spots guaranteed to provide the perfect shot sure to impress your followers?

Here's our top nine go-to sites:

Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve

Head out to Snapper Pond. You won't be disappointed.

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: We absolutely love it when the wildlife in Snapper Pond at Goodenow Grove Nature Preserve cooperates and mugs for the camera. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Willett) #reconnectwithnature #nofilterneeded #naturephotography #frogstagram

Wauponsee Glacial Trail

With or without a filter, who doesn't like a cool bridge shot?

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: The Wauponsee Glacial Trail bridge in Custer Park. #railstotrails

Keepataw Preserve

From up close or far away, there are multiple options here.

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: You've probably seen the old chimney at #Keepataw Preserve from a distance while on I-355. But it's a bit of an undertaking to get this close to it. We decided to do the legwork. (Photo by Chad Merda) #nofilterneeded #naturephotography #historical #natureshots

Hickory Creek Preserve

There are plenty of areas to find your shot when immersed in nature.

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: How about this view out at Hickory Creek Preserve? (Photo courtesy of Michael Fagan) #reconnectwithnature #nofilterneeded #sunset­čîů #willcountyforestpreserve #hickorycreek

Hadley Valley

No explanation needed.

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: Hadley Valley, looking as beautiful as ever, with an added bonus of an orchard oriole front and center. (Photo by Glenn P. Knoblock) #reconnectwithnature #nofilterneeded #naturephotography #willcounty

Monee Reservoir

Who doesn't love sunsets?

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: If you're looking for some cool sunset views this summer, Monee Reservoir is the place to be. (Photo by Suzy Lyttle) #reconnectwithnature #nofilterneeded #naturephotography #moneereservoir #sunsets

Centennial Trail

See Wauponsee Glacial Trail.

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: Today's view from the Centennial Trail. With this weather, things clearly are looking up. (Photo by Chad Merda) #fpdwc #nofilterneeded #natureshots #bridgestagram #bridges

McKinley Woods

The trails, I&M Canal and DuPage River are just begging for some Instagram love.

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: An absolutely amazing shot out at McKinley Woods. (Photo by Glenn P. Knoblock) #reconnectwithnature #nofilterneeded #birdsofinstagram #naturephotography

Lake Chaminwood Preserve

Sunsets, sunrises or simply in the middle of the day, the possibilities are endless.

com-instagram-android.pngwillcoforests: It's a bit chilly outside this morning, but this sunset at Lake Chaminwood sent to us last week by William Kaluzny will surely have you thinking warm thoughts. #fpdwc #nofilterneeded #sunset #naturephotography #waterways

Lead image courtesy of Michael Fagan