First grade

in-school programs

The Forest Preserve District of Will County offers two different in-school field trips for first grade students.

Getting Ready for Winter

Have your students discover the changes that take place in nature from fall to winter and learn how animals adapt to these changes. Through this program, students will understand the methods and adaptations animals use to survive winter.
Time: 1 hour
Area of study: Flora and fauna

A Potawatomi’s Life

Students will find out what it was like to grow up in a Potawatomi tribe and compare their own life to that of a Potawatomi child. They will learn activities that Potawatomi children did that are similar to what children do today. Students will experience games that Potawatomi children played to prepare them to become adults.
Time: 1 hour
Area of study: Cultural history


Programs may start at 9 a.m. and must conclude by 3 p.m. Multiple dates may be required for multiple classes. A teacher or school staff member must remain present throughout the program presentation.