High school

field trips

The Forest Preserve District of Will County offers different field trips for high school students.

Forest Invaders

Talk about hands-on! This program brings students into a forest preserve near your school to participate in an active restoration management project. Possible student work includes seed collecting, non-native species removal and planting of select native species.  

Recognized as an outstanding program in 2011 by the Illinois Park and Recreation Association, this program teaches students about how non-native species are introduced and what allows them to out-compete native species. Key ecological principles of diversity, competition and endangered species are part of the discussion. A variety of ecological resource management practices, the connection to habitat for wildlife species and the benefits of restoration are covered and experienced by each student. 
Time: 2-4 hours
Area of study: Ecology, flora and fauna

Water Quality Lab

This water lab connects students with their watershed by practicing hands-on water quality monitoring and habitat surveying techniques. During this engaging program, students determine the health of a local body of water. Participants conduct a biological survey by dipping for and identifying aquatic insects in the field and perform chemical surveys in the water lab. Students explore the natural areas throughout the preserve and reflect on how watersheds affect habitats, people, and society.
Time: 4 hours
Area of study: Ecology, STEM Strong, Flora and Funa


Field trips are offered at three Forest Preserve facilities. Student capacity varies for each site. Additional field trip days may be required to accommodate larger groups.


Maximum 50 students (or three classes) per day at Four Rivers Environmental Education Center.


Maximum 50 students per day at Isle a la Cache Museum.

Crete Township

Maximum 100 students per day at Plum Creek Nature Center.