Meet the Silliest 2021 Calendar Dogs

The owners of some of the very photogenic pooches have incredibly funny stories

We met a whole lot of dogs while taking photos for our 2021 calendar to benefit the Will County Humane Society, and we had so much fun along the way. 

Some dogs were happy to ham it up for the camera, while others were more camera-shy. A few weren't fans of our big, scary camera. Others preferred to spend their time running, playing and chasing other dogs and animals. The common denominator among our new canine friends: These very good boys and girls are all adorable.

We learned a lot about these dogs’ personalities during our photo shoots. And more than a few of them have some quirky behaviors that their humans were all too happy to share with us. Dozens of dogs will be appearing in the calendar, but here are some of our favorite stories we were told.

And don’t forget: There’s still time to purchase a 2021 calendar featuring all these lovable pooches and many more. Visit to learn more about this project. All proceeds from calendar sales will benefit the Will County Humane Society, Will County’s original no-kill shelter.   

The deadline to order a calendar was Sunday, November 15.

You also can check out all of the dogs appearing in the calendar on our Today's Pooch Instagram account.


(Photo by Glenn P. Knoblock)

It's no understatement when we say that Red loves to run. In fact, during his photo session at Messenger Marsh, he nearly ran his way right out of being in the calendar. This fun boy kept disappearing deep into the brush for extended periods of time, only to briefly peek his head out before darting back out of view.

At home, Red also plays the role of alarm clock, but opts to skip the usual dog method of barking or licking faces.

"To wake you up in the morning, he comes up to your face and sneezes over and over until you wake up," said Jessica Allott. 

He also likes to get in touch with his feminine side. 

"He loves when I paint his toenails," Allott said. "He just sits there when I paint them, and he doesn't even lick the polish. Red then always sits with his legs crossed."


(Photo by Glenn P. Knoblock)

Unlike Red, we had no problems keeping up with Ollie, who is described by his owners as a "very athletic basset hound."

He loves to bring his owners gifts, which is what resulted in one interesting situation at the dog park one day.

As the story goes, he befriended a baby that was at the dog park, and kept going up and giving the baby little kisses. But then he took the bow off the baby's head and ran away. After a game of keep-away, he swallowed that bow.

It was never seen again.


(Photo by Chad Merda)

One thing that was apparent from our photo shoot with Doc is that he is a very obedient boy and pays close attention to his owners. 

But according to Joe Broz, Doc can get into trouble, such as the time they were leaving the dog park at Lower Rock Run.

"He spotted a bird and took off," Broz said. "While mom and dad frantically searched for him, a kind Channahon police officer found him and there he was in the back of the police car. However, during his outing he got covered in mud. As we were walking towards the police car, Doc still in the back, shook and flung mud everywhere."


(Photo by Anthony Schalk)

Lando loves getting out to run and play with other dogs, but also apparently will make friends with just about anyone or anything. While that's normally a good thing, sometimes he's left with some stinky regrets. 

"He made friends with a skunk two days in a row," said his owner, Sean Jensen. "We can laugh about it now, but it wasn't so funny back then."

Baxter and Wrigley

(Photo by Chad Merda)

This cute duo can keep their owners on their toes as they like to wrestle daily and wear each other out. 

But it's Baxter that has a very specific bedtime routine.

"When I am done brushing my teeth, he waits for me to give him a drink of water out of a Dixie cup," said Dan Lang. "He needs his little drink before he goes to bed."


(Photo by Chad Merda)

Maverick is a rescue who came to his owners all the way from Texas and Elizabeth Hojnacki says she can't believe "how fast this little puppy stole our hearts."

However, it wasn't just their hearts he was trying to steal. He also had his eyes on some lasagna.

"He was a young puppy and just tall enough to get his paws up on the kitchen table to get the lasagna that was waiting to go into the oven," Hojnacki said. "We didn't know he could reach the table, but when we took our eyes off him for a minute, he was digging into that cheese."


(Photo by Anthony Schalk)

Leila loves to chase balls, which was fairly obvious during her calendar shoot. In fact, she loves balls so much that her owners have a ball throwing machine for her, which works out great most of the time. 

Except when it doesn't.

"She tends to stand very close to it waiting for the ball to be launched," said Lauren Kijowski. "One day she stood too close and the ball hit her right in the face. It never even phased her."


Lead image of Wellie by Chad Merda

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