Our Top Instagram Photos of 2020

One thing is clear: Everyone loves nature shots

If you like nature photos and you're not following us on Instagram, then you're really missing out. 

It was an incredible year on that social media platform, where we shared more than 1,000 photos and videos with a number of goals in mind:

  • To showcase the amazing flora and fauna within the preserves.
  • To educate the public.
  • To inspire others to venture out and try their hand at photography.

In a year filled with doom and gloom, seeing all of these photos on a daily basis sure was a bright spot in our day, and we hope it was in yours as well.

While many of the wonderful shots you'll see on a daily basis in our Instagram feed are taken by District staff, a good share of them come from the public, whether it's via our annual Preserve the Moment photo contest or our Will County Wildlife Facebook Group.

Simply put, it's a wonderful team effort throughout the county.

To the members of the public who are regular contributors, we'd like to say thank you. Having extra eyes, ears and, of course, cameras out in the preserves assist us tremendously in showing off nature's beauty. We appreciate the help and we know all of our followers appreciate looking at the wide variety of top-notch photos filling our feed.

Here's a look back at some of the highlights featuring our most-liked photos of 2020:

Great horned owl

(Photo courtesy of Maura Carlisle)

Bald eagle

(Photo courtesy of Eileen Capodice)

Fox squirrel

(Photo courtesy of Jen Radwan)

Cedar waxwing

(Photo courtesy of Sandra Rust)

Bald eagles

(Photo courtesy of Mike Nagrocki)

Barred owl

(Photo courtesy of Monika Bobek)

Northern cardinal

(Photo courtesy of Sally Carey)

Great horned owls

(Photo courtesy of Dave Degroot)

Northern cardinal

(Photo by Bob Bryerton)

Northern flicker

(Photo courtesy of Rita Roz)

Lead image courtesy of Tyler Paul


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